Wall Street Journal Crossword November 21 2020 Answers

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Wall Street Journal Crossword November 21 2020 Answers:

Slide at many weddings 6 letters CHACHA
Selma’s state 7 letters ALABAMA
Eeyore type 5 letters MOPER
Come down with something 7 letters FALLILL
His flight took 108 minutes from launch to landing 7 letters GAGARIN
Male’s unconscious feminine side to Jung 5 letters ANIMA
Patron’s request of Auguste Rodin resulting in The Gates of Hell? 15 letters CREATEANOPENING
Lascivious creep 5 letters LETCH
Blow like a cinder cone 4 letters SPEW
Any of four won by BTS in 2020 3 letters VMA
Civil rights leader Wells 3 letters IDA
Mashed potatoes in a shepherd’s pie 8 letters TOPLAYER
Person-shaped board game tokens 7 letters MEEPLES
Racing booster 5 letters NITRO
Bit in a shepherd’s pie 3 letters PEA
Sands of Iwo Jima director Dwan 5 letters ALLAN
Crew member 3 letters OAR
Patron’s request of Hokusai resulting in The Great Wave? 11 letters MAKEASPLASH
Gasp at maybe 7 letters REACTTO
Fury 3 letters IRE
Feller in a tussle 7 letters RASSLER
Patron’s request of Andy Warhol resulting in Marilyn Diptych? 12 letters FASHIONICONS
Fast break? 6 letters EASTER
Humorous cartoons for Demetri Martin 6 letters SHTICK
Cry from the ravenous? 3 letters CAW
Capricious nature 6 letters WHIMSY
Words with a certain ring 3 letters IDO
Mariah Carey’s Anytime You ___ Friend 5 letters NEEDA
Spots to let off a lot of steam 6 letters SAUNAS
Cinco follower 4 letters SEIS
Spoke Siamese? 5 letters MEWED
Patron’s request of Jacques-Louis David resulting in The Death of Marat? 9 letters DRAWABATH
Pride and Jazz for two 5 letters FESTS
Greek antagonist 4 letters ARES
Sentimental song 6 letters BALLAD
Bach’s ___ the G String 5 letters AIRON
Umbrella piece 3 letters RIB
Be agreeable 6 letters SAYYES
Producer of Round Stic pens 3 letters BIC
Cointreau flavoring 6 letters ORANGE
Ran through the lab 6 letters TESTED
Patron’s request of Vincent Van Gogh resulting in Café Terrace at Night? 12 letters PAINTTHETOWN
Slightly nippy 7 letters COLDISH
Happy colleague 3 letters DOC
Fixed worn kicks 7 letters RESOLED
Patron’s request of Robert Indiana resulting in the LOVE sculpture? 11 letters FORMLETTERS
John’s dance partner in Pulp Fiction 3 letters UMA
Flying a blue pink and white flag perhaps 5 letters TRANS
Reddit Q&A session 3 letters AMA
Goosebumps writer 5 letters STINE
Starting proposition 7 letters PREMISE
Economical restaurant order 8 letters TAPWATER
Be litigious 3 letters SUE
D&D e.g. 3 letters RPG
Book unit 4 letters LEAF
In the future 5 letters AHEAD
Interpretive freedom or the authorization to produce each work in this puzzle? 15 letters ARTISTICLICENSE
Slow movement 5 letters LARGO
Fodder for whodunits 7 letters MURDERS
Tenant no more 7 letters EVICTEE
Snaking turns 5 letters ESSES
Tight beachwear 7 letters SPEEDOS
Troubles 6 letters EATSAT
Banned refrigerants 4 letters CFCS
Instrument that typically has 47 strings 4 letters HARP
Out of the wind 4 letters ALEE
Sites of some seizures in arcades 12 letters CLAWMACHINES
Producer’s hope 3 letters HIT
Bayer brand 5 letters ALEVE
In the past 3 letters AGO
Blue stone 5 letters LAPIS
Better like cheddar 4 letters AGED
Smoothie flavor 6 letters BANANA
MSNBC’s Melber 3 letters ARI
Caffeine-free brew 7 letters MINTTEA
Fluffy bunnies 7 letters ANGORAS
Washington Monument setting 4 letters MALL
Selective Service designation 4 letters ONEA
Celebrations for total failures? 11 letters PITYPARTIES
Game leaders 6 letters EMCEES
Peppy 6 letters RAHRAH
Skewer 7 letters LAMPOON
Character voiced by Beyoncé in 2019 4 letters NALA
Own 7 letters POSSESS
Roped in 7 letters ENTICED
Mena of Love & Hip Hop 5 letters ERICA
You’re telling ME in texts 3 letters IKR
Sounds from pounds 4 letters ARFS
Creole chef Chase 4 letters LEAH
Ultimate 4 letters LAST
Restroom sign 3 letters MEN
Quarterback’s call 4 letters PLAY
French article 3 letters LES
Fail to keep off the grass? 4 letters TOKE
Excel unit 3 letters ROW
Nickelodeon show from 2007 to 2012 6 letters ICARLY
DNA kit tool 4 letters SWAB
Fix as a post 4 letters EDIT
Explorer with an Antarctic Sea named for him 4 letters ROSS
Mao’s successor 3 letters HUA
Whole 6 letters INTACT
Doubled a Hawaiian food fish 4 letters MAHI
6/6/1944 4 letters DDAY
Bummed out 3 letters SAD
Person bound for the Capitol 12 letters SENATORELECT
Convenience store 4 letters MART
Great Lakes tribe 4 letters ERIE
Data-gathering bots 11 letters WEBSCRAPERS
Hoppy brew 3 letters ALE
Ant-Man’s colleague 4 letters WASP
They have canopies 7 letters FORESTS
First-rate in hip-hop 7 letters BADDEST
Architect Mies van der ___ 4 letters ROHE
Abandon a position 4 letters SELL
Brief life? 3 letters BIO
Run up 5 letters INCUR
The Big Easy 4 letters NOLA
Collaborator with Blake on Happy Anywhere 4 letters GWEN
Wraps up 4 letters ENDS
Peter Parker portrayer Holland 3 letters TOM
Paper income source 3 letters ADS
Walk all over 7 letters TRAMPLE
Response units for crash victims? 7 letters ITTEAMS
Bone of the middle ear 7 letters STIRRUP
Free-range fowl 3 letters HEN
Femme ___ 6 letters FATALE
Nebraska tribe 6 letters OMAHAS
Set down roots 6 letters RESIDE
Chicago exchange for short 4 letters MERC
Oil industry prefix 5 letters PETRO
Enough already! 5 letters IGIVE
Carry on 4 letters WAGE
Ruckuses 4 letters ADOS
Worn perhaps 4 letters USED
Fangorn denizens 4 letters ENTS
Away from shore 4 letters ASEA
Poetic measures 4 letters FEET
It comes before quattro 3 letters TRE
Its orbit takes about 93 min. 3 letters ISS
Cloak-and-dagger org. 3 letters CIA

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