Wall Street Journal Crossword November 20 2020 Answers

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Wall Street Journal Crossword November 20 2020 Answers:

Red carpet giveaways 4 letters SWAG
Sources of saffron 5 letters CROCI
Engine in a Nissan Maxima 4 letters VSIX
Long hauler 4 letters LIMO
Bill of Barry 5 letters HADER
___ about (circa) 4 letters ONOR
Fleshy flora 4 letters ALOE
Affordable in brand names 5 letters ECONO
Cheerio! 4 letters TATA
Bonus for a steadfast employee? 15 letters PERSEVERANCEPAY
Chilly response 3 letters BRR
Planner abbr. 3 letters FRI
In large type maybe? 15 letters PERUSERFRIENDLY
WWII entertainment centers 4 letters USOS
Remove from the board 5 letters ERASE
Issa on Insecure 3 letters RAE
Hurdle for a future J.D. 4 letters LSAT
___ on thick 5 letters LAYIT
Greek salad component 4 letters FETA
NYSE watcher 3 letters SEC
End of a magical incantation 5 letters POCUS
Pre-testimony requirement 4 letters OATH
Try all of the Sephora samples? 15 letters EXHAUSTPERFUMES
Headliner at the first WrestleMania 3 letters MRT
Bud setting 3 letters EAR
Fetish for blankets? 15 letters COVERPERVERSION
Bakery fixture 4 letters OVEN
Work chore for many 5 letters EMAIL
Butler’s home for a time 4 letters TARA
Advance 4 letters LEND
Spine feature 5 letters TITLE
Forever seemingly 4 letters AGES
Expressive endeavors 4 letters ARTS
Jouster’s mount 5 letters STEED
2018 Alfonso Cuarón film 4 letters ROMA
Unpleasant rebuke 4 letters SLAP
Devious ploy 4 letters WILE
Livy’s love 4 letters AMOR
Fails financially 8 letters GOESBUST
Cheese made with goat’s milk 6 letters CHEVRE
You can bet on it 4 letters RACE
Squiggly lines in the comics 4 letters ODOR
Wrestler/actor John 4 letters CENA
Oppressive rule metaphorically 8 letters IRONFIST
Elect 6 letters VOTEIN
Piece of cake 4 letters SNAP
Least little bit 4 letters IOTA
Letter between Whiskey and Yankee 4 letters XRAY
CPR sites 3 letters ERS
First Nations people 4 letters CREE
Beat 5 letters PULSE
County on the North Sea 5 letters ESSEX
Raid target 5 letters ROACH
Duck say 5 letters REACT
Brit’s breakfast informally 5 letters FRYUP
Call alternative 5 letters RAISE
Diary subject 5 letters DREAM
Foamy beverage 5 letters LATTE
Slangy assents 5 letters YEAHS
Subjects of some reward posters 8 letters LOSTPETS
Like some pricey hotels 8 letters FOURSTAR
Contented rumble 4 letters PURR
Compensation for harm 6 letters AMENDS
Felt disoriented 6 letters REELED
Substantially 3 letters FAR
Cuba libre ingredient 4 letters COLA
No longer into 4 letters OVER
Blow off steam 4 letters VENT
Give off 4 letters EMIT
Review on Yelp 4 letters RATE
Execrable 4 letters VILE
Treacherous ensign of drama 4 letters IAGO
City near Provo 4 letters OREM
Probing agcy.? 4 letters NASA

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