Wall Street Journal Crossword December 30 2020 Answers

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Wall Street Journal Crossword December 30 2020 Answers:

Digital tool 3 letters APP
China flaw 4 letters CHIP
Scholarly output 6 letters PAPERS
Vientiane denizen 3 letters LAO
It flows through Lake Brienz 4 letters AARE
Prevents from airing 6 letters BLEEPS
Rage 3 letters IRE
Appreciative observation at the Renaissance Faire? 11 letters WHATAJERKIN
Familiar friends 4 letters KITH
Flight part 5 letters RISER
Breakfast treat with an auriform shape? 9 letters EARMUFFIN
Site of the USDA’s National Animal Disease Center 4 letters AMES
Chorister’s reference 6 letters HYMNAL
Its first cover showed the infant Desi Arnaz Jr. 7 letters TVGUIDE
Coupled 4 letters DUAL
Completely redesigned 6 letters ALLNEW
Prestidigitator’s publication? 13 letters MAGICBULLETIN
Shed one’s inhibitions 6 letters BEFREE
Big do 4 letters GALA
Latte laborer 7 letters BARISTA
In your head 6 letters MENTAL
Lummox 4 letters CLOD
Expensive material for a crib blanket? 9 letters BABYSATIN
Biblical name that means he laughs 5 letters ISAAC
Beggar’s utterance 4 letters PLEA
Coach’s intellectual equipment? 11 letters SPORTSBRAIN
Pitcher’s deliveries 3 letters ADS
Common landscaping tree 6 letters PINOAK
Out of action 4 letters IDLE
Matched group 3 letters SET
Call center staff 6 letters AGENTS
Dimwit 4 letters DOLT
Subject to a legal proceeding 3 letters TRY
Cut from the same cloth 5 letters ALIKE
Persona non grata 6 letters PARIAH
Burns books for example 6 letters POETRY
Corvine call 3 letters CAW
Triumphant shout 3 letters HAH
Plan for sr. years 3 letters IRA
Inventor of a lidded glass dish 5 letters PETRI
BLT alternatives 4 letters PBJS
Nautical direction 4 letters ALEE
Tales of Mother Goose author Charles 8 letters PERRAULT
Mouse-sighting exclamation 3 letters EEK
Sch. in Troy 3 letters RPI
U.S. ID 3 letters SSN
Colloquial contraction 4 letters AINT
Let me think about that… 3 letters HMM
Boxers e.g. 6 letters UNDIES
It runs hot and cold 6 letters FAUCET
Superfluous flesh 4 letters FLAB
Short skirt for short 4 letters MINI
Idyllic spot 4 letters EDEN
Put in stitches 3 letters SEW
Geographical depression 6 letters VALLEY
Gathers after harvest 6 letters GLEANS
Big galoot 3 letters LUG
Series of courses 4 letters MEAL
Big do 4 letters AFRO
Passing zone? 8 letters GRIDIRON
Exemplar of meekness 4 letters LAMB
Doctor Who carrier 3 letters BBC
Simple rhyme scheme 4 letters ABAB
Dance shoe attachment 3 letters TAP
Finally! 6 letters ATLAST
Schubert works 6 letters LIEDER
Bitter 5 letters ACRID
Particularly unpleasant 5 letters NASTY
RBI or ERA 4 letters STAT
Shows curiosity 4 letters ASKS
Massage therapist’s place 3 letters SPA
Sty occupant 3 letters PIG
Pretentious pronoun 3 letters ONE
Fuss 3 letters ADO
Not working maybe 3 letters ILL
Cautious acrobat’s installation 3 letters NET

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