Vox Crossword September 27 2021 Answers

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Vox Crossword September 27 2021 Answers:

Guggenheim display 3 letters ART
Protection from the sun 5 letters SHADE
Paella vegetable 3 letters PEA
Adjusted as an engine 5 letters TUNED
2007 Amy Adams movie 9 letters ENCHANTED
Hearty pub selection 5 letters STOUT
Mole for one 3 letters SPY
Baby bloomer 3 letters BUD
He directed Heath and Jake in Brokeback Mountain 3 letters ANG
Show one’s feelings 5 letters EMOTE
2005 Nicole Kidman movie 9 letters BEWITCHED
Important occurrence 5 letters EVENT
Pester relentlessly 3 letters NAG
Suspenseful 5 letters TENSE
Groundbreaking discovery 3 letters ORE
Primatologist’s subjects 4 letters APES
Dollars for quarters? 4 letters RENT
Word before shell or Bell 4 letters TACO
Oscar for example 9 letters STATUETTE
Attila the ___ 3 letters HUN
Picnic invaders 4 letters ANTS
Profound 4 letters DEEP
Little whirlwind 4 letters EDDY
Likely spot for a layover 3 letters HUB
Hip-hop’s Run-___ 3 letters DMC
Help at a heist 4 letters ABET
Scream actress Campbell 4 letters NEVE
Journalist Ifill or performer Verdon 4 letters GWEN
Curses! 4 letters OHNO
Something shed 4 letters TEAR
One of 12 on a cube 4 letters EDGE
___ and outs (particulars) 3 letters INS

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