Vox Crossword September 15 2021 Answers

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Vox Crossword September 15 2021 Answers:

New Orleans icon Leah Chase e.g. 4 letters CHEF
Scarecrows mostly 3 letters HAY
Where people go to and come back from during an unpleasant event it is said 4 letters HELL
Japanese buckwheat noodles 4 letters SOBA
___ la Douce (1963 rom-com) 4 letters IRMA
Highly desirable 4 letters PLUM
Feature of a many comic conventions 7 letters COSPLAY
Unsettle 3 letters JAR
Grammy-nominated musician with the 2005 album Saxophonic 7 letters DAVEKOZ
Gator’s larger relative 4 letters CROC
Corn syrup brand 4 letters KARO
One of 141.5 for Michael Strahan during his NFL career 4 letters SACK
Actress ___ Rachel Wood 4 letters EVAN
Tattoos informally 3 letters INK
Ivy in Connecticut 4 letters YALE
Stylish 4 letters CHIC
Don’t be a ___! 4 letters HERO
Shade plants 4 letters ELMS
Pancake 8 letters FLAPJACK
Word ironically uttered before a profanity 4 letters HOLY
___ Dhabi 3 letters ABU
Variety of sweet potato 3 letters YAM
It’s typically found under a rug or inside a mailbox 8 letters SPAREKEY
Flat facility 3 letters LAV
Area on a Mac computer where apps are displayed 4 letters DOCK
Polynesian shrub or beverage 4 letters KAVA
Like some fixations 4 letters ORAL
Type of defense in football or basketball 4 letters ZONE
TV crime drama franchise 3 letters CSI
Published in the paper 3 letters RAN

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