Vox Crossword October 21 2021 Answers

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Vox Crossword October 21 2021 Answers:

Arcing tennis shots 4 letters LOBS
Lifelong pals briefly 4 letters BFFS
Country where masgouf originated 4 letters IRAQ
Bus alternative 4 letters RAIL
Restaurant handout 4 letters MENU
La Roux singer Jackson 4 letters ELLY
Sphere wielded by Ash 8 letters POKEBALL
Scrabble tile holders 5 letters RACKS
Dish made with raw fish 8 letters POKEBOWL
Word after corn or rust 4 letters BELT
Cooking acronym used by Rachael Ray 4 letters EVOO
Capital city where a Joachim Trier trilogy is set 4 letters OSLO
Bubbly chocolate bar 4 letters AERO
Bouquet of flowers 4 letters POSY
Errand all the way across town say 4 letters TREK
Definitely not al dente 4 letters LIMP
Cookie that Classic Cremes dog treats resemble 4 letters OREO
Provides the funds for 9 letters BANKROLLS
High-pitched entertainment for a pet 9 letters SQUEAKTOY
Drum part in many hip-hop and dance songs 9 letters BREAKBEAT
Makes like a Jenga tower 9 letters FALLSOVER
Hire someone for as a position 4 letters FILL
Crafty 3 letters SLY
Abbr. for old dates 3 letters BCE
Currency in Chile 4 letters PESO
Was dressed in 4 letters WORE
Here’s the thing… 4 letters LOOK
Jazz style with fast tempos 3 letters BOP

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