Vox Crossword October 20 2021 Answers

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Vox Crossword October 20 2021 Answers:

El Toro’s eye 3 letters OJO
Tech degrees 3 letters BSS
Phrase in a Star Wars title 7 letters NEWHOPE
Hot pockets? 9 letters HELLHOLES
Silent communication system (abbr.) 3 letters ASL
Unwanted garden party guest 5 letters SKUNK
Madre’s hermanos 4 letters TIOS
Teeny 4 letters ITSY
Binary pronouns 5 letters HESHE
___ kwon do 3 letters TAE
Gothic author Jackson who wrote about a certain haunting 7 letters SHIRLEY
Studio sign 5 letters ONAIR
Rorschach and Bechdel for two 5 letters TESTS
Snappy duds for babies 7 letters ONESIES
Wobbly drink 9 letters JELLOSHOT
Wise resident of the Hundred Acre Wood 3 letters OWL
Start of an epic series perhaps 5 letters BOOKI
Troubling engine noises 9 letters SPLUTTERS
Talking toy for toddlers 7 letters SEENSAY
Dept. overseeing Medicare 3 letters HHS
Shakespearean verb 4 letters HATH
Scottish isle 4 letters SKYE
Luminesce 5 letters SHINE
Times to remember 4 letters ERAS
Really going off 3 letters LIT

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