Vox Crossword October 17 2020 Answers

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Vox Crossword October 17 2020 Answers:

These might swing both ways 5 letters DOORS
Town on Scotland’s Firth of Lorn known for its single malt whisky 4 letters OBAN
Duff so to speak 4 letters PRAT
Throw in the clink 5 letters EMBAR
Part of your shades 9 letters NOSEPIECE
Sonny Moore’s vegan venture that still retains rhythms from when he won all those Grammy Awards? 15 letters BEETSBYSKRILLEX
Indie rock singer-songwriter ___ Marina 4 letters ANYA
Remove from the payroll 3 letters AXE
Neil drummer for Rush from 1974 to 2015 5 letters PEART
World Wide Web inventor Berners-Lee 3 letters TIM
Colorado low’s dir. usually 3 letters ENE
Real humdinger 5 letters BEAUT
What most vegans want but it’s never likely to happen? 15 letters EVERLASTINGPEAS
Block and tackle gp.? 3 letters NFL
Came by taxi 4 letters RODE
What you have after pi 3 letters RHO
Lieutenant Commander with a positronic brain in Star Trek: Picard 4 letters DATA
Dead cell fluid basically 3 letters PUS
On the double initially 4 letters ASAP
They could go down the tubes 3 letters OVA
Atwood’s The Handmaid’s ___ 4 letters TALE
Great horned beast 3 letters OWL
Gourmet vegan treat that’s not in most people’s budgets 15 letters SIXFIGURECELERY
Migraine warnings perhaps 5 letters AURAS
The M&M macot who removes his outer shell and says Oh it’s that kind of party. 3 letters RED
Bigfoot’s shoe width? 3 letters EEE
Vatsyayana’s Sanskrit Kama ___ 5 letters SUTRA
Subject of IRS form 590-A 3 letters IRA
Organism that helps create big nasty blooms 4 letters ALGA
Labor bigwigs who will help you form chapters and make you cry in the process? 15 letters ONIONORGANIZERS
___ of the Magi: subject of many paintings 9 letters ADORATION
Word on stop signs in Haiti 5 letters ARRET
Dixie-style bread 4 letters PONE
Lawsuit basis often 4 letters TORT
Just plain bad 5 letters NASTY
Major September 29 political event 6 letters DEBATE
Third sequel of a ’76 movie that revolves around Damien Thorn and starred Gregory Peck and Lee Remick 6 letters OMENIV
Do as I say! 6 letters OBEYME
Creature that runs through Mexican sewers 4 letters RATA
Alumni-to-be for short 3 letters SRS
Cameo stones 6 letters ONYXES
Company where you can get your wireless SoundWear Companion speaker 4 letters BOSE
Go ahead shoot! 3 letters ASK
83 mi. long Polish river near Lodz 3 letters NER
Interstate nightmare 6 letters PILEUP
People who’ll tell you the story 8 letters RELATERS
Taiwanese electronics giant 4 letters ACER
Message created by one who’s all thumbs 4 letters TEXT
The plumbing system overall 6 letters PIPAGE
Run of the mill 5 letters BANAL
Questor from the Gauntlet game 3 letters ELF
A PC needs it to boot 4 letters BIOS
Where to join the line 3 letters END
It’s small and twisted and confined in a cell 3 letters RNA
Closer to reality 5 letters TRUER
Finally found the solution! cry 3 letters AHA
Bit of bread that acts as a turkey gravy soaker-upper (mmm… turkey gravy!) 3 letters SOP
A couple in Cancún? 3 letters DOS
Multimedia format the National Archives and Records Administration uses to preserve digital video 3 letters AVI
DC’s license plate slogan: End ___ Without Representation 8 letters TAXATION
Grade booster 4 letters PLUS
Partner of one? 3 letters ALL
City where King Zog once lived 6 letters TIRANA
Mehmet ___ architect of Istanbul’s Blue Mosque 3 letters AGA
Santa Monica’s westernmost avenue 5 letters OCEAN
Something Gary Oldman has done often 3 letters WED
Quite a commotion 6 letters FURORE
Like some knights and baseball throws 6 letters ERRANT
Unagi suppliers 6 letters EELERS
Product of hindsight sometimes 6 letters REGRET
Like fresh bread 6 letters YEASTY
Item provided in bars 4 letters SOAP
Backtrack in a way 4 letters UNDO
Marty Feldman character that said What hump? 4 letters IGOR
Kentucky Derby winner of the smallest field ever a three horse race 4 letters AZRA
USA – DC; UK – Lon.; Can. – ___ 3 letters OTT
Cristo Redentor’s city briefly 3 letters RIO
___ Read who retired as CEO of Pfizer in 2017 3 letters IAN

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