Vox Crossword October 16 2020 Answers

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Vox Crossword October 16 2020 Answers:

AAA offering 3 letters TOW
State of the art sound system of the ’50s 4 letters HIFI
Robe the Bene Gesserit sisters wear in the Dune Universe 3 letters ABA
Mutual and hedge items of much interest to investors 5 letters FUNDS
iPhone no. 3 letters TEL
iPad’s iSight basically 6 letters WEBCAM
Little Rock’s locale for short 3 letters ARK
Cpl. Maj. or Sgt. e.g. 4 letters ABBR
John who founded the bond credit rating business 5 letters MOODY
Nissan’s electric hatchback that can travel over 150 miles on one charge 4 letters LEAF
Mole’s quest 4 letters INFO
Paparazzi clients 5 letters MEDIA
Glacier Bay National Park floater 4 letters FLOE
Agcy. that generates much Apr. anxiety 3 letters IRS
Soviet leader whose remains were relocated in Moscow in October 1961 6 letters STALIN
Digital unit of information alternately but infrequently known as a shannon 3 letters BIT
Alpha Arietis’ more traditional name 5 letters HAMAL
Sheryl who plays Alison Haddock in Limetown on Facebook Watch 3 letters LEE
Decorative ceramic water jug 4 letters EWER
Screw up royally 3 letters ERR
Ryokan’s floor covering often 6 letters TATAMI
Moon officially known as Uranus IV 6 letters OBERON
There’s one for famous dogs in Battersea Park in London England 10 letters WALKOFFAME
Telescope used in discovering Pluto’s fifth moon in 2012 6 letters HUBBLE
Totally beyond belief 10 letters INCREDIBLE
Org. that caused Endo International to remove Opana ER from the US market 3 letters FDA
McCarthy or Marx follower 3 letters ISM
First 2020 mo. with five Saturdays unusually 3 letters FEB
Rapper DeAndre Cortez ___ who’s better known as Soulja Boy 3 letters WAY
Word on a Canadian loonie 6 letters DOLLAR
Less claustrophobic in a way 6 letters AIRIER
One observing Ramadan 6 letters FASTER
Members of the Beta Theta Pi Fraternity 3 letters MEN
Common salad dressing component 3 letters OIL
It can replace your mom? 3 letters SHE
Spotted in Tweety’s words 3 letters TAW

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