Vox Crossword October 13 2021 Answers

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Vox Crossword October 13 2021 Answers:

Crossword printout often 3 letters PDF
Agenda listing 4 letters ITEM
Sensation experienced before a migraine medicinally 4 letters AURA
Haircut style 4 letters FADE
Examines leaves a hotel quits or dies 9 letters CHECKSOUT
___ Lanka 3 letters SRI
Popular party snack 7 letters CHEXMIX
Sprite e.g. 3 letters ELF
Ed Sheeran to Sheerios 4 letters IDOL
Vegetarian’s no-no 4 letters MEAT
Beyoncé’s role in The Lion King 4 letters NALA
Old-fashioned fight club? 4 letters MACE
Third place in a horse race 4 letters SHOW
Subject of study 4 letters AREA
Johann Olav ___ (4x Olympic speed skating gold medalist) 4 letters KOSS
___-12 Conference 3 letters PAC
It’s so obvious! 3 letters DUH
Newcomer 9 letters FRESHFACE
Conditions 3 letters IFS
Guiding principle per Lao-tzu 3 letters TAO
University website ending 3 letters EDU
NYC opera house with The 3 letters MET
Land size measure 4 letters ACRE
Kid tested. Mother approved cereal brand 3 letters KIX
In the ___ (safe from danger) 5 letters CLEAR
Belarus capital 5 letters MINSK
Where Moscow can be seen in the US 5 letters IDAHO
Mexican hairless dogs briefly 5 letters XOLOS
2021 US Open women’s champion Raducanu 4 letters EMMA
Statutes 4 letters LAWS
Gossip that gets spilled 3 letters TEA

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