Vox Crossword October 12 2021 Answers

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Vox Crossword October 12 2021 Answers:

Take-out menu assurance 5 letters NOMSG
U.S.S.R. intelligence group 3 letters KGB
Arm bones 5 letters ULNAE
Fair hiring letters 3 letters EOE
Huh? 12 letters IDONTGET{IT}
Command to a mischevious dog 8 letters DROP{IT}
In my humble opinion… 10 letters ASISEE{IT}
Mighty rays 6 letters MANTAS
2014 film that might make the audience yell Look out behind you! 9 letters ITFOLLOWS
Exclamation of frustration 4 letters DARN
October birthstone 4 letters OPAL
When repeated a dance 3 letters NAE
Tough and lean 4 letters WIRY
Rapa ___ (Easter Island) 3 letters NUI
Not so fresh 3 letters OLD
Phone letters for 6 3 letters MNO
Pale brown color 9 letters SANDSTONE
Wake up say 7 letters GETREAL
___ 100 (be totally honest) 8 letters KEEP{IT}
Roger that 7 letters GOT{IT}
To crown my thoughts with acts ___ thought and done (from Macbeth) 6 letters BE{IT}
Takes a cheap shot perhaps 7 letters GOESLOW
Surrounded by 4 letters AMID
Witch’s boo 5 letters SATAN
___ red 5 letters INFRA
Maker of Vampsterdam nail polish 3 letters OPI
Simple card game 3 letters WAR
Crafty 3 letters SLY

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