Vox Crossword November 25 2020 Answers

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Vox Crossword November 25 2020 Answers:

Org. with Trail Blazers Cavaliers and Mavericks 3 letters NBA
Track a beat perhaps 3 letters HUM
Chest muscles for short 4 letters PECS
Apple or reactor part 4 letters CORE
Fall back (on) 4 letters RELY
Angers affirmatives? 4 letters OUIS
It can allow a lot of light in 8 letters SUNPORCH
Acorn-bearing tree 3 letters OAK
It can allow a lot of light in 8 letters MOONROOF
One of a sinful septet 4 letters ENVY
Military outfit 4 letters UNIT
Restrict the flow of 4 letters STEM
Stint in office 4 letters TERM
A third of the Holy Trinity 3 letters SON
Just a ___! 3 letters SEC
Home of Tiny Desk Concerts 3 letters NPR
Euphemism used when having The Talk 4 letters BEES
Org. co-founded by Jane Addams 4 letters ACLU
Duration of most soaps 4 letters HOUR
Gout-causing acid 4 letters URIC
Work well together 4 letters MESH
Kicks for fun e.g. 7 letters SYNONYM
Common summer holiday sighting 7 letters COOKOUT
___ for the course 3 letters PAR
Quagmire 4 letters MESS
Cognizant about 4 letters ONTO
The Great British Bake Off necessity 4 letters OVEN
They are prevalent in binary code 4 letters ONES
Don’t shout it in a crowded theater 4 letters FIRE
Run ___ (Bay Area nickname of a 1 Across high-scoring trio from 1989-1991) 3 letters TMC

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