Vox Crossword November 23 2021 Answers

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Vox Crossword November 23 2021 Answers:

Rodgers and Hammerstein e.g. 9 letters LASTNAMES
Genre for naturally borne killers 9 letters ECOHORROR
Trick Mirror essayist Jia 9 letters TOLENTINO
Synth-pop icon who recently broke up with Elon Musk 6 letters GRIMES
Come ___ The Jerk (instructional dance song of 1964) 4 letters ONDO
Moby-Dick man 4 letters AHAB
Ooh-la-la! 6 letters MELIKE
Just the basics 9 letters BAREBONES
Off-center 9 letters ATANANGLE
Something saved for a friend 9 letters EMPTYSEAT
Cut loose 5 letters LETGO
Squirrel’s treasure 5 letters ACORN
Hard to shake 5 letters SOLID
It’s very now 9 letters THEMOMENT
Zip 4 letters NONE
Picturesque settings? 9 letters ARTSALONS
X-ray alternative 3 letters MRI
1000000000 years 3 letters EON
Broadway sellout letters 3 letters SRO
Clipboard mechanism 5 letters HINGE
Jungle Book wolf 5 letters AKELA
Surrounded by trouble 5 letters BESET
Auction site 4 letters EBAY
Esteemed romantic partner casually 3 letters BAE
PIN box 3 letters ATM
Cardi B specialty 3 letters RAP

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