Vox Crossword November 22 2021 Answers

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Vox Crossword November 22 2021 Answers:

Pleased with oneself 4 letters SMUG
Impale as an olive with a toothpick 4 letters STAB
Coin of Cuba 4 letters PESO
Like some salad dressing 4 letters LITE
Big name in petrol 4 letters ESSO
The Bard of ___ (Shakespeare) 4 letters AVON
Spice in the ginger family 8 letters CARDAMOM
U.S. soldiers 3 letters GIS
Piece of apparel for Mister Rogers 8 letters CARDIGAN
Part of an airport fleet 4 letters TAXI
Star Trek villain played by Eric Bana 4 letters NERO
Capri for one 4 letters ISLE
Stands on a golf course? 4 letters TEES
Competitor on Chopped 4 letters CHEF
Fine by me 4 letters OKAY
Something to work on 4 letters SPEC
Part of a Southwest skyline perhaps 4 letters MESA
U.N. member until 1991 4 letters USSR
Charlie Brown catchphrase 9 letters GOODGRIEF
Rams 9 letters SLAMSINTO
Big name in DVRs 4 letters TIVO
Smashable source of energy 4 letters ATOM
Kingsley who played Gandhi 3 letters BEN
Give assistance to 3 letters AID
Payment method 4 letters CASH
Wheel-to-wheel connector 4 letters AXLE
Word before chic or Squad 4 letters GEEK
Carpet buyer’s calculation 4 letters AREA
Prone to snooping 4 letters NOSY
Small spasm 3 letters TIC

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