Vox Crossword November 21 2020 Answers

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Vox Crossword November 21 2020 Answers:

Says bye in Bordeaux 9 letters BIDSADIEU
It merged with Mobil 5 letters EXXON
Regional IDs 9 letters AREACODES
Fix as a loose lace 5 letters RETIE
With 36 Across and 61 Across a quote by Lupita Nyong’o 9 letters DREAMSARE
Singer who released 21 in ’11 5 letters ADELE
Harp for one 4 letters BEER
Monopoly board quartet (abbr.) 3 letters RRS
Get ___ of (toss out) 3 letters RID
Places for skates and kites perhaps 4 letters ZOOS
Warhol muse Sedgwick 4 letters EDIE
Designer of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London 4 letters WREN
___ Believer (1966 hit) 3 letters IMA
Turn! Turn! Turn! band with The 5 letters BYRDS
Arthur’s nickname in The Once and Future King 4 letters WART
Casino area 3 letters PIT
Surname of baseball brothers 4 letters ALOU
Didn’t need to hear that! 3 letters TMI
See 17 Across 13 letters THEFOUNDATION
Texter’s incidentally 3 letters BTW
Show Boat composer Jerome 4 letters KERN
Son of Noah 3 letters HAM
Long-time Vicki Lawrence role 4 letters MAMA
Choose democratically 5 letters ELECT
Code-breaking org. 3 letters NSA
Skincare brand that sounds like it might be Spanish 4 letters OLAY
Military status 4 letters RANK
The War of the Worlds radio broadcast notably 4 letters HOAX
Breast Cancer Awareness Mo. 3 letters OCT
Clicking sound 3 letters TSK
Tribe known for its kachina dolls 4 letters HOPI
Chuck who created The Big Bang Theory 5 letters LORRE
See 17 Across 9 letters OFAMERICA
For the birds? 5 letters AVIAN
Deli counter selection 9 letters TUNASALAD
Put a whammy on 5 letters HEXED
Constellation near Cassiopeia 9 letters ANDROMEDA
___ Ems (German spa town) 3 letters BAD
Sales item abbr. 3 letters IRR
Country singer Jo ___ Messina 3 letters DEE
Cars that sound mournful 5 letters SAABS
Zenith 4 letters ACME
Booster for example 4 letters DOSE
Phrase before many a foolish act 8 letters IDAREYOU
Musket attachment? 3 letters EER
Handle say 6 letters USERID
Time pieces 4 letters ERAS
Put two lines through 3 letters XED
SUV retired in 2015 6 letters XTERRA
More viscous 6 letters OILIER
Negative contraction 6 letters NEEDNT
Begin again 7 letters RESTART
Word before code or file 3 letters ZIP
Leave out 4 letters OMIT
Swear words? 4 letters OATH
Like a certain sailor of song 7 letters DRUNKEN
Subj. of the board game Memoir ’44 4 letters WWII
Devices for leaves or snow but not at the same time 7 letters BLOWERS
Not fore 3 letters AFT
Craig of the Rockies for one (abbr.) 3 letters MTN
Site that sounds like Pig Latin for a common verb 4 letters EBAY
One who does some swabbing 8 letters DECKHAND
Drat! Foiled again! 4 letters OHNO
Org. that works with SpaceX 4 letters NASA
Where the Wild Things Are kid 3 letters MAX
Cabbage or clams 6 letters MOOLAH
Recess 6 letters ALCOVE
Mathematical array 6 letters MATRIX
Great Plains tribe 6 letters LAKOTA
Good name for somebody in HR 5 letters HIRAM
Take care of with to 4 letters TEND
Ilhan in the House 4 letters OMAR
Mexican bread 4 letters PESO
Alec Baldwin’s middle name 3 letters RAE
We Are Young band 3 letters FUN
Spot of land in la mer 3 letters ILE
Rude dude 3 letters CAD
Lovelace who wrote the first computer program 3 letters ADA

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