Vox Crossword November 19 2020 Answers

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Vox Crossword November 19 2020 Answers:

10 Downing Street? 6 letters PICABO
Title for Christ 7 letters OURLORD
Flower in a song from The Sound of Music 9 letters EDELWEISS
Clumsy oaf 7 letters PALOOKA
Drink that was once safer than water 3 letters ALE
Fashion show fiasco 3 letters RIP
Houston or Jackson 7 letters POPDIVA
The Heartbreak Kid director 9 letters ELAINEMAY
Provide a voice-over for maybe 7 letters NARRATE
Renters’ agreements 6 letters LEASES
Edgar Allan ___ 3 letters POE
Birth control option like Mirena 3 letters IUD
Piece of equipment at a French bistro 8 letters CREPEPAN
Penne ___ vodka 4 letters ALLA
Serving of cereal 4 letters BOWL
Cookies and cream cookie 4 letters OREO
Creations for many school projects 8 letters DIORAMAS
Do a certain winter sport 3 letters SKI
Juice from a tree 3 letters SAP
Bonobo e.g. 3 letters APE
Reaction to a funny bit 3 letters LOL
You might be told not to touch it 4 letters DIAL
Concerning on a memo 4 letters INRE
Fashion designer Wang 4 letters VERA
Chowed down 3 letters ATE
Gladly! 3 letters YES

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