Vox Crossword May 8 2021 Answers

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Vox Crossword May 8 2021 Answers:

They show you what’s where 4 letters MAPS
PS5 button 5 letters EJECT
Yikes! 4 letters EGAD
Giant Jesus of the ’60s 4 letters ALOU
Surprise Oscar winner of the ’90s 5 letters TOMEI
Model of iPod 4 letters NANO
Get on the Chicago ballplayer’s shoulders? 10 letters CLIMBABULL
Put away for later 4 letters STOW
Ed Asner’s role in Elf 5 letters SANTA
Speed-of-sound breaker at JFK once 3 letters SST
Pet ___ 5 letters PEEVE
Stressful high school event 4 letters TEST
Moby Dick narrator 7 letters ISHMAEL
Badmouth the Chicago ballplayer? 15 letters DISRESPECTABULL
Insect that takes power naps 3 letters ANT
Distance between wing tips 4 letters SPAN
Georgia’s capital (abbr.) 3 letters ATL
Winter fort material 4 letters SNOW
Train truck or tractor at times 3 letters TOY
One-___ Jacks (1961 Brando film) 4 letters EYED
Butterfield of Sex Education 3 letters ASA
Held onto 4 letters KEPT
Cry at the World Cup 3 letters OLE
Douse the flaming Chicago ballplayer? 15 letters EXTINGUISHABULL
Showers for example 7 letters PARTIES
Robert who played A.J. on The Sopranos 4 letters ILER
Like neon and argon 5 letters INERT
CPAs crunch them (abbr.) 3 letters NOS
Luggage attachment 5 letters IDTAG
Strike zone in a way 4 letters LANE
Give special treatment to the Chicago ballplayer? 10 letters FAVORABULL
The Wizard of ___ (short-lived game show) 4 letters ODDS
Stay away from 5 letters EVADE
One of Pakistan’s official languages 4 letters URDU
Hey wait up you ___! 4 letters GUYS
2016 winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature 5 letters DYLAN
Buzzing nuisance 4 letters GNAT
Big Sur runners 4 letters MACS
It’s ___ big misunderstanding! 4 letters ALLA
Identifies in a way 8 letters POINTSTO
Fort where the Civil War began 6 letters SUMTER
When you can expect a touchdown (abbr.) 3 letters ETA
Classified information? 4 letters JOBS
Creatures on Australian coins 4 letters EMUS
Welsh’s language family 6 letters CELTIC
Up to briefly 3 letters TIL
Complete outfit 8 letters ENSEMBLE
French sponge cake 6 letters GATEAU
Words after many works of fiction 6 letters ANOVEL
Succeed 6 letters DOWELL
They may be stolen 5 letters BASES
Baby ___ Beauty 4 letters PHAT
About five mL 3 letters TSP
Penn in NYC for one (abbr.) 3 letters STA
Some Law & Order figs. 3 letters DAS
Retirement spot say 3 letters INN
Morita of The Karate Kid 3 letters PAT
Sushi bar mushroom 5 letters ENOKI
Sara Bareilles musical based on a 2007 film 8 letters WAITRESS
Word that may accompany an affirmative action 3 letters YES
I’m done playing 8 letters YOURTURN
Capital of Luxembourg? 3 letters ELL
Director Guillermo ___ Toro 3 letters DEL
Tiny tantrum 4 letters SNIT
Basis for some discrimination 3 letters AGE
Upsilon’s follower 3 letters PHI
Shire with no connection to The Lord of the Rings as far as I can tell 5 letters TALIA
Literary conclusion 6 letters EPILOG
Movie musical that won the first Worst Director Razzie Award 6 letters XANADU
All the rage 6 letters TRENDY
Seals are part of it 6 letters USNAVY
Parasite that’s a member of the genus Cimex 6 letters BEDBUG
Planetary path usually 4 letters OVAL
Slice Squirt or Jolt 4 letters SODA
Director of the last M*A*S*H episode 4 letters ALDA
Overabundance 4 letters GLUT
Supplied with Cheese Puffs e.g. 3 letters FED
Stimpy’s foil 3 letters REN

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