Vox Crossword March 5 2021 Answers

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Vox Crossword March 5 2021 Answers:

Drag-increasing airplane wing parts 5 letters FLAPS
Gives a push to 7 letters PROPELS
Like a perfect plan 9 letters FOOLPROOF
Gymnast Raisman with six Olympic medals 3 letters ALY
The Spartans of the Big 10 (abbr.) 3 letters MSU
Red-tinged type of lunar eclipse 9 letters BLOODMOON
Aid for doing some digging 3 letters HOE
Dreariness felt by some video conferencing users say 9 letters ZOOMGLOOM
Neighbor of Minnesota 4 letters IOWA
With 15 Down fishy diner orders 4 letters TUNA
At that time 4 letters THEN
Dance move 4 letters STEP
Ice cream alternative informally 5 letters FROYO
Hahaha 3 letters LOL
TikTok for one 3 letters APP
Each 3 letters PER
Decreased-speed replay for short 5 letters SLOMO
Subject of FiveThirtyEight analysis 4 letters POLL
Just average 4 letters SOSO
Amazing say 3 letters FAB
Partner of games 3 letters FUN
Holy moly! 5 letters OHMAN
Focus for some sitters 3 letters DOG
See 24 Across 5 letters MELTS
Skin blemish 3 letters ZIT
Bit of fireworks show commentary 3 letters OOH
What do I ___ you? 3 letters OWE
Magazine owned by Pride Media 3 letters OUT
Number frequently worn by hockey goalies 3 letters ONE
Park reference 3 letters MAP

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