Vox Crossword June 21 2021 Answers

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Vox Crossword June 21 2021 Answers:

The Aviator carrier 3 letters TWA
Arcade game played with the feet (abbr.) 3 letters DDR
Roman god of love 4 letters AMOR
Seasonal Rockefeller Center sight 4 letters TREE
Start of the 2 Down ladder 4 letters WARM
Step 2 of the 2 Down ladder 4 letters WARD
Like a flute for example 8 letters ENDBLOWN
___ Wiedersehen (German goodbye) 3 letters AUF
Demonic 8 letters MANIACAL
Step 3 of the 2 Down ladder 4 letters CARD
Step 4 of the 2 Down ladder 4 letters CORD
Gets a camera ready 4 letters AIMS
Majestic shade trees 4 letters ELMS
Tissue layer 3 letters PLY
Canine expert’s deg. 3 letters DDS
Counterfeiter catcher briefly 4 letters TMAN
___ ladder (puzzle type seen at 9 Across 10 Across 19 Across 20 Across and 16 Down) 4 letters WORD
Symbols on sleeves 8 letters ARMBANDS
Take a card any card 4 letters DRAW
Jurassic Park actress Laura 4 letters DERN
Rare color? 3 letters RED
Feeling of amazement 3 letters AWE
Double-dealing 8 letters TWOFACED
Him to Henri 3 letters LUI
Send as a postcard 4 letters MAIL
Hawkeye Pierce’s branch 4 letters ARMY
End of the 2 Down ladder 4 letters COLD
Starfish parts 4 letters ARMS
Church based in SLC 3 letters LDS
Piece of graduation gear 3 letters CAP

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