Vox Crossword July 27 2021 Answers

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Vox Crossword July 27 2021 Answers:

All-star drag queen named for a state 6 letters ALASKA
Word before duck or Bull 7 letters SITTING
Marvelous 8 letters SPLENDID
Queen of the South network 3 letters USA
White cliffs locale 5 letters DOVER
Avian mimic 4 letters MYNA
Real-estate move 4 letters RELO
Key above Shift 5 letters ENTER
That guy 3 letters HIM
Major player? 8 letters CASANOVA
Closed 7 letters NOTOPEN
Bernadette of Broadway 6 letters PETERS
Take for granted 6 letters ASSUME
Tom Holland’s performance of Umbrella notably 7 letters LIPSYNC
Stacey Abrams for example 8 letters ATLANTAN
Office park abbr. 3 letters STE
Loving partner? 4 letters KIND
Both/either phrase 5 letters ANDOR
Make a promise perhaps 8 letters GIVEHOPE
Keep a promise perhaps 7 letters DELIVER
Ancient engineers 6 letters ROMANS
Fabulous person? 5 letters AESOP
___ x time = distance 4 letters RATE
Psych! 3 letters NOT

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