Vox Crossword January 13 2021 Answers

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Vox Crossword January 13 2021 Answers:

They are essential in doing the twist or playing Twister 4 letters HIPS
Navigation letters 3 letters GPS
Product of a brainstorm 4 letters IDEA
Home to Timbuktu 4 letters MALI
Of the finest quality 9 letters TOPDRAWER
Ceremonial dance in Maori culture 4 letters HAKA
Beowulf and Virgil’s Aeneid 5 letters EPICS
Part of a bride’s outfit 5 letters TRAIN
Reach one’s nadir 9 letters BOTTOMOUT
Comply with as orders 4 letters OBEY
Rolls Jag or Caddy 4 letters AUTO
Spiritual practice of some Buddhists 3 letters ZEN
Sketched 4 letters DREW
Website visit 3 letters HIT
Marriage pledge 3 letters IDO
___ Guardiola European soccer coaching legend 3 letters PEP
Melancholy 3 letters SAD
Stares open-mouthed 5 letters GAWKS
Emotional request 4 letters PLEA
___ Mix-a-Lot (Baby Got Back singer) 3 letters SIR
NCAA-affiliated league that includes Manhattan College and Niagara University (abbr.) 4 letters MAAC
African pachyderm 5 letters RHINO
Consumed in a way 5 letters EATEN
Feeling of sorrow 4 letters PITY
Stage name of one of the members of the Grammy-winning R&B trio TLC 4 letters TBOZ
Courtroom garb 4 letters ROBE
Word repeated four times in a 1963 Spencer Tracy film title 3 letters MAD
Possessive for a couple 3 letters OUR
Native of the Beehive State 3 letters UTE
Tugboat job 3 letters TOW

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