Vox Crossword January 12 2021 Answers

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Vox Crossword January 12 2021 Answers:

Woodworking tool 3 letters ADZ
National Poetry Month 5 letters APRIL
Not post 3 letters PRE
Momentary slip 5 letters LAPSE
Hang on 9 letters HOLDTIGHT
___ voice (speaking at a reasonable volume) 6 letters INDOOR
Letter opener? 4 letters DEAR
Clodhoppers 4 letters OAFS
Soften as sound 6 letters MUFFLE
Bust out 9 letters BREAKFREE
Senseless 5 letters INANE
Fixated condition briefly 3 letters OCD
Supermarket conveyances 5 letters CARTS
Place to catch a cumulonimbus 3 letters SKY
Rose bug 5 letters APHID
It takes photos on the fly 5 letters DRONE
Legendary Nintendo princess 5 letters ZELDA
Cher or Sade 4 letters ALTO
Find a partner 7 letters PAIROFF
D&D for one 3 letters RPG
Kinda-sorta suffix 3 letters ISH
___ It Be (last Beatles album) 3 letters LET
Unlikely to erupt 7 letters DORMANT
Natural dos 5 letters AFROS
Tiny dot 5 letters FLECK
Like an everything bagel or Times Square in the ’70s 5 letters SEEDY
Luau strings 4 letters UKES
Maker of the Cristal ballpoint Pen 3 letters BIC
Base runner? 3 letters RNA
It can be lent or bent 3 letters EAR

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