Vox Crossword February 22 2021 Answers

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Vox Crossword February 22 2021 Answers:

Capitol Hill helper 4 letters AIDE
The stockings were ___ by the chimney with care … 4 letters HUNG
Ice ___ (board game with sliding penguins) 4 letters COOL
The Buckeye state 4 letters OHIO
Happy hour special maybe 9 letters TWOFORONE
Ted’s Cheers character 3 letters SAM
One who greets and seats 5 letters USHER
Rural postal abbr. 3 letters RTE
Destroy as documents 5 letters SHRED
Dubious gift 3 letters ESP
Famous No No Nanette number 9 letters TEAFORTWO
Seriously suggest 4 letters URGE
Eyes in a certain Christmas song 4 letters COAL
Gloomy 4 letters DOUR
Rice whose characters have blood lust? 4 letters ANNE
Doesn’t just sit around and do nothing 4 letters ACTS
The Music Man setting 4 letters IOWA
First-person shooter that gives me a little motion sickness 4 letters DOOM
Best Will Ferrell movie don’t @ me 3 letters ELF
Certain Central Park employee 5 letters HORSE
I’ve got a bad feeling about this … 4 letters UHOH
Musical based on Fellini’s 8 1/2 4 letters NINE
Is your wife a ___? (line from a classic Monty Python skit) 4 letters GOER
Get the better of 5 letters OUTDO
___ to (check as a dictionary) 5 letters REFER
Muffin top? 4 letters STUD
Person with lots of life savings? 4 letters HERO
Prego competitor 4 letters RAGU
School across the Thames from Windsor 4 letters ETON
Black ___ (Natalie Portman film) 4 letters SWAN
Marie Curie by birth 4 letters POLE
Label that was a demonstrator at the 1939 World’s Fair 3 letters RCA

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