Vox Crossword December 1 2021 Answers

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Vox Crossword December 1 2021 Answers:

Bob Hearts Abishola network 3 letters CBS
___ queen! 4 letters YASS
Sushi-topping bits 3 letters ROE
Trickles out 5 letters SEEPS
It might be found in the corner of a corner store 3 letters ATM
Gold purity measure 5 letters KARAT
Incandescent 8 letters WHITEHOT
Ear doctor’s prefix 3 letters OTO
Dangerous driving conditions 8 letters BLACKICE
Go to sleep casually 5 letters CRASH
Pop alternative? 3 letters DAD
Rash 5 letters HASTY
Wearer of a Y sweatshirt 3 letters ELI
In need of lotion perhaps 4 letters ASHY
Prefix for some music genres 3 letters ALT
Where an insult sticks 4 letters CRAW
Choice when you can’t decide maybe 4 letters BOTH
One of two played at the Women’s Final Four 4 letters SEMI
Sure dude! 6 letters YEAHOK
Streamlined briefly 4 letters AERO
Petty quarrel 4 letters SPAT
Bygone jet (abbr.) 3 letters SST
Dubious 7 letters SKETCHY
Comfortably warm 6 letters TOASTY
Some do push-ups 4 letters BRAS
Spot for mascara 4 letters LASH
What’s the big ___? 4 letters IDEA
Match a bet in poker 4 letters CALL
Modify as text 4 letters EDIT
When tripled a 1989 #1 rap hit by MC Lyte 3 letters CHA

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