Vox Crossword April 7 2021 Answers

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Vox Crossword April 7 2021 Answers:

Unfriendly 3 letters ICY
Resort for rejuvenation 3 letters SPA
___ change 3 letters SEA
Split vegetables 4 letters PEAS
Bounding sidewalk activity during the summer perhaps 9 letters HOPSCOTCH
Penn of the Harold & Kumar films 3 letters KAL
Ribbed light-woven fabric 6 letters FAILLE
Editing technique where one continuous shot is broken into two parts by removing frames in between 7 letters JUMPCUT
Contacted someone on one’s Buddy List on AOL for short 4 letters IMED
Not that 4 letters THIS
___ cava (heart feeder) 4 letters VENA
Remove as pressure 4 letters EASE
Vortex in a stream 4 letters EDDY
Game of Thrones surname 4 letters SNOW
Suffix meaning to some extent 3 letters ISH
Oprah to OWN 3 letters CEO
Shrill dog sound 3 letters YAP
Where a television show is shot 3 letters SET
___-12 (league whose UCLA men and Arizona and Stanford women reached the 2021 Final Four) 3 letters PAC
___ Barty the current No. 1-ranked women’s tennis player in the world 3 letters ASH
Contaminates 8 letters POLLUTES
American tradition where seniors play hooky en masse (Thanks Ferris Bueller!) 7 letters SKIPDAY
AP math class for short 4 letters CALC
Was irate 5 letters FUMED
Modify as a law 5 letters AMEND
Actor Hawke 5 letters ETHAN
Jazz music style originating in the ’30s 4 letters JIVE
One-on-one situation in basketball slang 3 letters ISO
Work with needles and thread 3 letters SEW

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