Vox Crossword April 16 2021 Answers

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Vox Crossword April 16 2021 Answers:

Chairman of The Climate Reality Project 6 letters ALGORE
Boating competition 7 letters SEARACE
Mineral formation with a rounded shape 8 letters SALTDOME
Ice-melting compound 6 letters HALITE
Sequence in computer programming 9 letters ALGORITHM
Teacher’s lobby (abbr.) 3 letters NEA
As well 3 letters TOO
Winks and hand signals for example 8 letters GESTURES
Cartoonist who created Popeye 7 letters ECSEGAR
R&B element 6 letters RHYTHM
Contemptable person 3 letters ASS
Field of grass 3 letters LEA
Wonder Woman portrayer Gadot 3 letters GAL
Sister brand of Miracle-Gro 5 letters ORTHO
Weather app feature 5 letters RADAR
Cause of some produce recalls 5 letters ECOLI
Transistor part that sends out particles 7 letters EMITTER
Group spirit 5 letters ETHOS
Branch of rap or rock 3 letters EMO
Fire-breathing emotion 5 letters ANGER
Hanger-on 5 letters LEECH
Full of pomp but little substance as a speaker 5 letters GASSY
Festive occasion in Vietnam 3 letters TET
Not again! 3 letters UGH
Crash 3 letters RAM

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