Vox Crossword April 13 2021 Answers

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Vox Crossword April 13 2021 Answers:

Prof’s degree 3 letters PHD
Channel that’s currently airing Oscar-winning films in alphabetical order 3 letters TCM
Home ground 4 letters TURF
Stark sister on Game of Thrones 4 letters ARYA
Intellectuality 9 letters SMARTNESS
Charitable person 5 letters DONOR
Ave. crossers 3 letters STS
Genre for Selena Montgomery (aka Stacey Abrams) 7 letters ROMANCE
Take a turn? 4 letters VEER
Something unpleasant that always turns up so the saying goes 8 letters BADPENNY
One of three 7 letters TRIPLET
Existed 4 letters WERE
Condition that may follow an ordeal (abbr.) 4 letters PTSD
Genre for Rachel Bloom 5 letters HUMOR
Liquid–Plumr rival 5 letters DRANO
Get some sun 3 letters TAN
Banana shape 8 letters CRESCENT
Genre for Tana French 7 letters MYSTERY
Word on a gift tag 4 letters FROM
Wise ___ 3 letters ASS
Genre for Monisha Rajesh 6 letters TRAVEL
State bird of Hawaii 4 letters NENE
Oh and another thing 3 letters BTW
Exist 3 letters ARE
N E S or W 3 letters DIR
Masks gloves etc. 3 letters PPE

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