Vox Crossword April 12 2021 Answers

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Vox Crossword April 12 2021 Answers:

It’s just above where a tag touches 4 letters NAPE
Harold’s role in Ghostbusters 4 letters EGON
Word with fixation or cavity 4 letters ORAL
It’s ___ big misunderstanding! 4 letters ALLA
Word from a pen pal? 4 letters OINK
All done! 4 letters TADA
Dumfries denial 3 letters NAE
Port of northwest Germany 5 letters EMDEN
Divided like a swimming pool 5 letters LANED
Innocent ones 5 letters NAIFS
Twilight time to Tennyson 3 letters EEN
Predecessor of Exxon 4 letters ESSO
Pony up in poker 4 letters ANTE
Good name for a mechanic? 4 letters OTTO
Cooler brand named for a legendary creature 4 letters YETI
Political cartoonist Thomas 4 letters NAST
Plot in Genesis 4 letters EDEN
Cinematic showdown time 4 letters NOON
Posh Vegas resort 4 letters ARIA
People in discussion groups 9 letters PANELISTS
Rocky Mountain National Park beast 3 letters ELK
Wonderland cake command 5 letters EATME
Made happier 9 letters GLADDENED
Like a Dickensian curiosity shoppe 4 letters OLDE
Bread baked in a tandoor 4 letters NAAN
This puzzle has 11 which can be connected by 3 straight lines 3 letters ENS
On the move 5 letters AFOOT
___ tetra (aquarium fish) 4 letters NEON
Classic cinematic canine 4 letters ASTA
Kitchen fixture? 4 letters ETTE
Deutschland denial 4 letters NEIN
When repeated a cry at sea or a primate 3 letters AYE

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