USA Today Crossword September 28 2021 Answers

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USA Today Crossword September 28 2021 Answers:

Tennis event 5 letters MATCH
Annoying younger siblings e.g. 5 letters PESTS
Portable bed 3 letters COT
Hawaiian greeting 5 letters ALOHA
Twin of She-Ra 5 letters HEMAN
British pop star Rita 3 letters ORA
Restaurant chain specializing in Mexican-style grilled chicken 11 letters ELPOLLOLOCO
D.C. fundraising org. 3 letters PAC
Sulk 4 letters POUT
Became queasy after a roller coaster e.g. 7 letters GOTSICK
Texter’s Not gonna lie . . . 3 letters TBH
Opening for coins 4 letters SLOT
Say S-W-I-F-T e.g. 5 letters SPELL
Vegan sandwich cookie 4 letters OREO
Merica 5 letters USOFA
Ahh yes OK! 4 letters ISEE
Distorts 5 letters WARPS
___ than thou 6 letters HOLIER
1998 sporting event held in Korea 13 letters SEOULOLYMPICS
Friend of JWoww on Jersey Shore 6 letters SNOOKI
Analog alternative to GPS 5 letters ATLAS
Large primates 4 letters APES
Bee’s attack 5 letters STING
Material made by worms 4 letters SILK
Madagascar primate 5 letters LEMUR
Letters on a happy hour invitation maybe 4 letters TGIF
Mattar paneer bit 3 letters PEA
Some aspiring doctors 7 letters PREMEDS
Toboggan e.g. 4 letters SLED
How to Love the Empty ___ 3 letters AIR
Greeting at a Galentine’s Day brunch 11 letters HELLOLADIES
Gear tooth 3 letters COG
To no ___ (without effect) 5 letters AVAIL
Moved quickly toward 5 letters RANTO
Suffix with lemon or Gator 3 letters ADE
Greet with respect 5 letters BOWTO
Matches video and audio 5 letters SYNCS
Martin of Feel Good 3 letters MAE
Every last one 3 letters ALL
One-up 3 letters TOP
Do some kitchen prep 4 letters CHOP
They float above angels 5 letters HALOS
Gig for a model 10 letters PHOTOSHOOT
Unakyu fish 3 letters EEL
Skyline haze 4 letters SMOG
Word before Bell or shell 4 letters TACO
Holy terrors 5 letters SNOTS
Clones e.g. 6 letters COPIES
Crystal ball gazer 6 letters ORACLE
Fishing equipment 6 letters TACKLE
___lemon (athleisure brand) 4 letters LULU
They might communicate through a Ouija board 7 letters SPIRITS
Lug 3 letters TOW
They may be wireless or strapless 4 letters BRAS
Present! 4 letters HERE
Carpenter’s gear 7 letters TOOLKIT
Nocturnal marsupial 7 letters OPOSSUM
Going it alone 10 letters FLYINGSOLO
Three-point shooter’s asset 3 letters AIM
Star that sounds like a family member 3 letters SUN
Org. that regulates DDT 3 letters EPA
Dia de ___ muertos 3 letters LOS
Segment of a Twitch video 4 letters CLIP
Black Friday event 4 letters SALE
Jamaican music genre 3 letters SKA
Llama relative 6 letters ALPACA
And that’s final! 6 letters PERIOD
Come out 6 letters EMERGE
Underwater breathing organ 4 letters GILL
Do PT 5 letters REHAB
Exposure hierarchy items 5 letters FEARS
Whip It band 4 letters DEVO
Shredded side dish 4 letters SLAW
Critical time 4 letters DDAY
Wildly fun 3 letters LIT
Stonewall ___ 3 letters INN
And so on for short 3 letters ETC
Distress signal 3 letters SOS

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