USA Today Crossword September 25 2021 Answers

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USA Today Crossword September 25 2021 Answers:

TikTok for one 3 letters APP
Animal care org. 5 letters ASPCA
___ and repeat 5 letters RINSE
Martes or miercoles 3 letters DIA
Cove e.g. 5 letters INLET
Provide funding for 5 letters ENDOW
D&D creature 3 letters ORC
Childbirth specialist 5 letters DOULA
Like old bread 5 letters STALE
Aid for skateboard tricks 4 letters RAMP
Extreme fear 6 letters TERROR
List-ending abbreviation 4 letters ETAL
NBA player with the nicknames Captain Hook and RoLo 10 letters ROBINLOPEZ
Alaskan peak 6 letters DENALI
Bagel option 6 letters SESAME
Cable fastener 6 letters ZIPTIE
Pro’s opposite 3 letters CON
Actress in The Cheetah Girls and Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century 11 letters RAVENSYMONE
Concept in Chinese philosophy 3 letters TAO
___ not gonna know what hit ’em 6 letters THEYRE
Wool source from the Andes 6 letters ALPACA
Steeper with a spout 6 letters TEAPOT
Comedian whose impressions include Denzel Washington and Smeagol 10 letters JAYPHAROAH
Nickname for Nadal 4 letters RAFA
Emcee as a pair 6 letters COHOST
Lip-___ (drag show performance) 4 letters SYNC
Wedding structure 5 letters ALTAR
Oak nut 5 letters ACORN
Slimy stuff 3 letters GOO
Beyonce song Run the ___ (Girls) 5 letters WORLD
Like many beaches and deserts 5 letters SANDY
Device for withdrawals 3 letters ATM
Corporate leaders for short 5 letters EXECS
Post-bath reward for a cat 5 letters TREAT
Pod veggie 3 letters PEA
Loved lots 6 letters ADORED
Halloween costume with a tricorn hat 6 letters PIRATE
Arcade game set in a maze 6 letters PACMAN
Assistance 3 letters AID
___-Caps (candy) 3 letters SNO
Its moons include Nix and Styx 5 letters PLUTO
Famous person for short 5 letters CELEB
Arcade game maker 5 letters ATARI
Fix a shoe in a way 6 letters RESOLE
Album starters often 6 letters INTROS
Confidentiality initials 3 letters NDA
El ___ (Loteria sun card) 3 letters SOL
Female sheep 3 letters EWE
Public square 5 letters PLAZA
ER workers 3 letters RNS
Ready to be eaten 4 letters RIPE
Marathon stat 4 letters PACE
Rock music genre 3 letters EMO
School of Buddhism 3 letters ZEN
Name hidden in Sullivan 3 letters LIV
Demolition initials 3 letters TNT
. . . kinda 3 letters ISH
A cyclops has one 3 letters EYE
Stringy 4 letters ROPY
Bit of lore 4 letters MYTH
Resource from a mine 3 letters ORE
Approaches 5 letters NEARS
___ Mahal 3 letters TAJ
___ carte menu 3 letters ALA
H.S. math class 6 letters APCALC
Guitar basics 6 letters CHORDS
Ooh and ___ 3 letters AAH
Wage disparity 6 letters PAYGAP
Worth paying attention to 6 letters OFNOTE
Washington city 6 letters TACOMA
Cook on a spit for example 5 letters ROAST
Best Actress award e.g. 5 letters OSCAR
Make up for doing something wrong 5 letters ATONE
Astonishment 3 letters AWE
Bagel option 3 letters LOX
Italian for three 3 letters TRE
Vitamin stat 3 letters RDA
Manhattan-based newspaper for short 3 letters NYT

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