USA Today Crossword September 23 2022 Answers

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USA Today Crossword September 23 2022 Answers:

Minor criticism to pick 3 letters NIT
Person from Wales or Westminster 4 letters BRIT
Capricorn animal 4 letters GOAT
Fizzy drink 4 letters SODA
Opposite of 14-Across 4 letters REDO
Reverse 4 letters UNDO
Theater performer 5 letters ACTOR
Mississippi-to-Alabama direction 4 letters EAST
___ jacket (denim garment) 4 letters JEAN
Support artisans from the area 8 letters BUYLOCAL
Noteworthy period 3 letters ERA
___ halaya (purple dessert) 3 letters UBE
Tik___ 3 letters TOK
Taj Mahal material 6 letters MARBLE
Bye now! 4 letters TATA
Piece of coal or clay 4 letters LUMP
The Louvre’s city 5 letters PARIS
Lend your assistance 7 letters HELPOUT
Story 4 letters TALE
Goal of an annual Sept. 23 observance 12 letters BIVISIBILITY
Org. whose B stands for Bar 3 letters ABA
Much ___ About Nothing 3 letters ADO
Behold 3 letters SEE
___ strip (cosmetic product) 4 letters PORE
Conclusion 3 letters END
Sprinted 6 letters DASHED
Eclair filling 5 letters CREAM
Obtain 3 letters GET
Nigerian singer Ayra 5 letters STARR
Elevate 6 letters LIFTUP
Oh meant to say . . . 8 letters BYTHEWAY
Highest card in a royal flush 3 letters ACE
Person from Merca or Mogadishu 6 letters SOMALI
Move carefully 4 letters EASE
Take to court 3 letters SUE
Overjoyed 6 letters ELATED
Seaside structure 4 letters PIER
Got in position for vipassana meditation 3 letters SAT
Seriously bad 6 letters SEVERE
Knight’s title 3 letters SIR
Wait a little longer 6 letters NOTYET
Person who’s admired 4 letters IDOL
Deck for fortunetelling 5 letters TAROT
Ex-Factor or Drivers License 11 letters BREAKUPSONG
Genuine 4 letters REAL
Driver’s licenses etc. 3 letters IDS
___ pole 5 letters TOTEM
Western Indian language 8 letters GUJARATI
Number that Ozzie Smith wore 3 letters ONE
Law passed shortly after the Capitol Crawl in 1990 3 letters ADA
Unit equal to 2000 pounds 3 letters TON
Diving apparatus 5 letters SCUBA
Share a border with 4 letters ABUT
Crash into each other 7 letters COLLIDE
Flo Milli’s genre 3 letters RAP
Challenge for a day care worker 4 letters BRAT
Pond flower 4 letters LILY
Suffix for Gabon or Japan 3 letters ESE
Yellowfin tuna 3 letters AHI
Me in French 3 letters MOI
Irish bars 4 letters PUBS
Kana Yaari rapper ___ B 3 letters EVA
Even on the scoreboard 4 letters TIED
What hula dancers have that clog dancers don’t 8 letters BAREFEET
Something to keep a dog on 5 letters LEASH
College-level course for high schoolers 7 letters APCLASS
Puerto Rican 7 letters BORICUA
Have a meal 3 letters EAT
Formal argument 6 letters DEBATE
Soaks in hot water 6 letters STEEPS
Its motto is Ua Mau ke Ea o ka ‘Aina i ka Pono 6 letters HAWAII
Part of a pencil 6 letters ERASER
Appliance with a lint trap 5 letters DRYER
Ponders 5 letters MUSES
Mary ___ Moore 5 letters TYLER
Fixture for dancing 4 letters POLE
Ocean movement 4 letters TIDE
Dallas NBA player for short 3 letters MAV

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