USA Today Crossword September 22 2022 Answers

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USA Today Crossword September 22 2022 Answers:

Some plays have five 4 letters ACTS
Alliance since 1949 4 letters NATO
BTS or Black Panther 4 letters BAND
Castle-shaped chess piece 4 letters ROOK
Being broadcast 5 letters ONAIR
Slender woodwind 4 letters OBOE
Who Grey says thank you to 4 letters MAMA
Good thing to support 10 letters NOBLECAUSE
Christ the Redeemer is one 6 letters STATUE
Supported 8 letters ASSISTED
Central beliefs 6 letters TENETS
Doc who treats sinusitis 3 letters ENT
Bay Area airport code 3 letters SFO
What teachers do 7 letters EDUCATE
The minimum one for Medicare is 65 3 letters AGE
Currency in Spain and Lithuania 4 letters EURO
Gait for a pony 4 letters TROT
General Hospital actress West 5 letters MAURA
Still a go for tomorrow? 7 letters AREWEON
Appliance with glowing coils 7 letters TOASTER
Sweetheart . . . 6 letters MYDEAR
Most-liked for short 3 letters FAV
Werewolf’s wail 4 letters HOWL
Soft boot leather 5 letters SUEDE
Happily ___ after 4 letters EVER
Chinese surname meaning forest 3 letters LIN
Key lime dessert 3 letters PIE
Take offense at 6 letters RESENT
Dogs hogs and frogs 7 letters ANIMALS
Away from the office 3 letters OUT
___ capita 3 letters PER
Acrobat catchers 10 letters SAFETYNETS
Remove the rind from 4 letters PARE
The I in IUD 5 letters INTRA
City between Cleveland and Buffalo 4 letters ERIE
Superstar soprano 4 letters DIVA
All ___ up (nervously excited) 5 letters KEYED
A century has 100 (Abbr.) 3 letters YRS
Guitar neck part 4 letters FRET
Most starfish have five 4 letters ARMS
Lacquer layer 4 letters COAT
Color similar to scarlet 9 letters TOMATORED
Hit the rink 5 letters SKATE
This email doesn’t require a response 13 letters NONEEDTOREPLY
Pitch ___-hitter 3 letters ANO
Hot sauce brand 7 letters TABASCO
Liquids used for tempura 4 letters OILS
Talk a big game 5 letters BOAST
Border on 4 letters ABUT
Septum’s place 4 letters NOSE
Landowner’s document 4 letters DEED
Stopwatch button 5 letters RESET
Film as an art form 6 letters CINEMA
French for a 3 letters UNE
Hang a left or a right 4 letters TURN
Stitched line 4 letters SEAM
Intense anger 4 letters FURY
Roti flour 4 letters ATTA
Mechanic’s field 10 letters AUTOREPAIR
Ballooned 4 letters GREW
The James ___ Jones Theatre 4 letters EARL
Needs to repay 4 letters OWES
In order to rise from its own ___ a phoenix first must burn (Butler) 5 letters ASHES
___ de toilette 3 letters EAU
Reason for muscle aches 7 letters OVERUSE
Entry cost 3 letters FEE
Cruella studio 6 letters DISNEY
Doc for dogs 3 letters VET
Vision correction surgery 5 letters LASIK
Utterly ridiculous 5 letters INANE
Pretty cool 5 letters NIFTY
You’ve got a lot of ___! 5 letters NERVE
Pay for everyone 5 letters TREAT
More than a ___ coincidence 4 letters MERE
Slightly 4 letters ATAD
Soul legend Redding 4 letters OTIS
___ on the side of caution 3 letters ERR
File type for a scanned document 3 letters PDF

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