USA Today Crossword September 21 2022 Answers

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USA Today Crossword September 21 2022 Answers:

Business degrees 4 letters MBAS
Channel with old movies 3 letters TCM
How I ___ Over 3 letters GOT
Horses’ heads of hair 5 letters MANES
Fail to entertain 4 letters BORE
___-roh! 3 letters RUH
___-Saxon 5 letters ANGLO
Not urban 5 letters RURAL
Gobbled up 3 letters ATE
Go against 4 letters DEFY
Ways of thinking 9 letters ATTITUDES
West Coast state for short 4 letters CALI
Engraved item on a dog collar 5 letters IDTAG
Works for me 4 letters SURE
Team outfits for short 4 letters UNIS
Two truths and a ___ 3 letters LIE
Tax prep pro 3 letters CPA
YA 10 letters YOUNGADULT
Skin mark 4 letters SCAR
Actress Diop 4 letters ANNA
Oye Como Va composer Puente 4 letters TITO
The ___ Way galaxy 5 letters MILKY
Suggestion for short 3 letters REC
Have we ___? 3 letters MET
Math lover’s March 14 celebration 5 letters PIDAY
Extinguished with water 6 letters DOUSED
That ___ the question . . . 6 letters RAISES
Natural hairstyles 5 letters AFROS
Given out like paper towels or Pez 9 letters DISPENSED
Large inlets 5 letters GULFS
Opposing side 9 letters OTHERTEAM
Haunani-Kay Trask’s The Color of Violence for example 5 letters ESSAY
Like a neglected garden 5 letters WEEDY
Large car 3 letters SUV
Fighting sport 3 letters MMA
Neckpiece for a dog 7 letters BANDANA
Heavenly 7 letters ANGELIC
Genetic material whose only function is to replicate itself 10 letters SELFISHDNA
Mexican sandwich 5 letters TORTA
Main character in Friday 5 letters CRAIG
Cheesy sandwich 4 letters MELT
Upper-level college courses 15 letters GRADUATECLASSES
External 5 letters OUTER
This this and this 5 letters THESE
___ milk 3 letters SOY
___ squash 9 letters BUTTERNUT
Version of a song made for the airwaves 9 letters RADIOEDIT
Louis Armstrong reportedly used one to smuggle weed through customs 11 letters USPRESIDENT
Baby bear 3 letters CUB
Doomed 8 letters ILLFATED
Cleveland NBA player for short 3 letters CAV
Brain wave test 3 letters EEG
Capital of Norway 4 letters OSLO
___ like a glove 3 letters FIT
Serpentine 5 letters SNAKY
Unmoisturized 3 letters DRY
Measure of a running back’s gains 7 letters YARDAGE
Phrase chanted to show acceptance 7 letters ONEOFUS
Gets out of the fetal position 7 letters UNCURLS
Woe 6 letters MISERY
In need of a good clean 5 letters MESSY
___ up (said something) 5 letters PIPED
Couch 4 letters SOFA
___ of passage 4 letters RITE
Arthur ___ Stadium (major tennis venue) 4 letters ASHE
The ___ Jones Industrial Average 3 letters DOW
Water in French 3 letters EAU
Place to get a driver’s license 3 letters DMV

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