USA Today Crossword September 15 2021 Answers

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USA Today Crossword September 15 2021 Answers:

Org. with a Sixth Woman of the Year Award 4 letters WNBA
Excerpt from a movie 4 letters CLIP
The Shib ___ (ice dancing duo) 4 letters SIBS
Parts of some jackets 5 letters HOODS
Indefinable vibe 4 letters AURA
Toy that goes up and down 4 letters YOYO
Count me out! 15 letters IMNOTINTERESTED
Square ___ in a round hole 3 letters PEG
Ye ___ Shoppe 4 letters OLDE
School orgs. 4 letters PTAS
Jiggly dessert 5 letters JELLO
Oh of course! 4 letters ISEE
Like arms after painting a room perhaps 4 letters SORE
Online shopping button 9 letters REDEEMNOW
Pursuing romantically 6 letters WOOING
Alternatives to lagers 4 letters ALES
Now ___ seen it all! 3 letters IVE
Actress Hathaway 4 letters ANNE
Made a faux pas 5 letters ERRED
Corrosive liquid 4 letters ACID
Exclamation hidden in ultrahigh 3 letters RAH
Bit of data 4 letters STAT
Firetruck sounds 6 letters SIRENS
Occasion to rent a tux 9 letters PROMNIGHT
Cairo’s river 4 letters NILE
Quote as a source 4 letters CITE
Pass along 5 letters RELAY
Animal that’s ma’iingan in Ojibwe 4 letters WOLF
Maddy Court aka ___ Worrier Princess 4 letters XENA
___ Moines Art Center 3 letters DES
SNL intro phrase 15 letters LIVEFROMNEWYORK
Square footage 4 letters AREA
Bowled over 4 letters AWED
Mount ___ Hospital 5 letters SINAI
Ivy League school in Philly 4 letters PENN
Claim to be false 4 letters DENY
Nuisance 4 letters PEST
___ up some breakfast 4 letters WHIP
Alaska city that sounds like a lawn ornament 4 letters NOME
Director of Parasite 10 letters BONGJOONHO
Hoopla 3 letters ADO
Frankness 6 letters CANDOR
Instrument that becomes another instrument if you add an F at the beginning 4 letters LUTE
Angry feeling 3 letters IRE
Disc golf score 3 letters PAR
The S in GPS 6 letters SYSTEM
Greek vowel 4 letters IOTA
Tournament exemptions 4 letters BYES
Greenskeeper’s roll 3 letters SOD
Taken illegally 6 letters STOLEN
___-advised (foolish) 3 letters ILL
Swords for Katharine Holmes 5 letters EPEES
Lake south of London Ontario 4 letters ERIE
Inactive 4 letters IDLE
Squash parts 5 letters SEEDS
Submarine detector 5 letters SONAR
Our planet 5 letters EARTH
Great job 10 letters NICELYDONE
Sheep-related 5 letters OVINE
Marries 4 letters WEDS
Distort 4 letters WARP
Understand my joke? 5 letters GETIT
Angry feeling 4 letters RAGE
Solo sung in costume 4 letters ARIA
Try the perfume test strip 5 letters SNIFF
Relatives acquired by marriage 6 letters INLAWS
D.C. suburb in Virginia 6 letters MCLEAN
In vogue 6 letters TRENDY
One-eighty from WSW 3 letters ENE
Bank-to-bank transfer 4 letters WIRE
Appliance for roasting peanuts 4 letters OVEN
Beast and Wolverine’s team 4 letters XMEN
Historic times 4 letters ERAS
Improv group’s creation 4 letters SKIT
Place for a cat or drink like a cat 3 letters LAP
Far out! 3 letters RAD
I ___ you an explanation 3 letters OWE
Puppy’s bark 3 letters YIP

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