USA Today Crossword September 14 2021 Answers

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USA Today Crossword September 14 2021 Answers:

Redundant ending for most 3 letters EST
Sound of an air kiss 4 letters MWAH
Say a prayer over 5 letters BLESS
Bathroom in Bloomsbury 3 letters LOO
Helpers 5 letters AIDES
Restrict 5 letters LIMIT
Extremely high-grade 15 letters SUPERIORQUALITY
Alphabetically first Great Lake 4 letters ERIE
Phoenix hoops team 4 letters SUNS
___ ed 3 letters SEX
Civil rights icon Septima 5 letters CLARK
Greek vowels 5 letters IOTAS
Browsed on Grindr 6 letters SWIPED
Singer Simone 4 letters NINA
Me Day place 3 letters SPA
Film declared Rotten on Rotten Tomatoes perhaps 4 letters FLOP
Seat at a counter 5 letters STOOL
Some studs 15 letters TONGUEPIERCINGS
Sing like Mason Ramsey 5 letters YODEL
Eeyou Istchee people 4 letters CREE
Crazy Rich [47-Across] actress Carmen 3 letters SOO
Athlete Phillips 4 letters ERIN
See 45-Across 6 letters ASIANS
Cotton swabs 5 letters QTIPS
Moved sneakily 5 letters CREPT
www.navajotech.___ 3 letters EDU
Physicians informally 4 letters DOCS
Has some pad thai e.g. 4 letters EATS
Warm layer for cold weather 15 letters GOOSEDOWNJACKET
___ Go My Own Way (Efron/Hudgens duet) 5 letters GOTTA
Fallopian ___ 5 letters TUBES
Piece of a timeline 3 letters ERA
Get a whiff of 5 letters SMELL
Class with long division 4 letters MATH
What Marcie calls Peppermint Patty 3 letters SIR
What ___ is new? 4 letters ELSE
___ Prom (Olivia Rodrigo concert film) 4 letters SOUR
Thing to talk about 5 letters TOPIC
Pi Day’s month (Abbr.) 3 letters MAR
Nintendo console 3 letters WII
Without further ___ . . . 3 letters ADO
Possessive pronoun 4 letters HERS
Amazingly fun time 5 letters BLAST
___ Nas X 3 letters LIL
Greenhouse gas concerns 9 letters EMISSIONS
Location 4 letters SITE
River in Hades 4 letters STYX
Creature that squirts ink 5 letters SQUID
Fish that are mostly nocturnal 4 letters EELS
Spanish for one 3 letters UNO
Really bad 5 letters AWFUL
Tick off 4 letters RILE
Blackpink genre 4 letters KPOP
Not supporting 4 letters ANTI
Very long poems 5 letters EPICS
Nonstarter 4 letters NOGO
Furthermore . . . 4 letters ALSO
Eyelid issue 4 letters STYE
___ Unfortunate Souls (solo for Ursula) 4 letters POOR
Words said before saying what someone said 9 letters ANDIQUOTE
Screenplay segment 5 letters SCENE
Fellow for short 4 letters GENT
Name that’s an anagram of a food staple 4 letters ERIC
Back 4 letters REAR
Posh tie 5 letters ASCOT
Design detail for short 4 letters SPEC
Like a best-case scenario 5 letters IDEAL
Edible part of okra 3 letters POD
Movie director’s attempts 5 letters TAKES
Omelet ingredients 4 letters EGGS
Rhyming partner of gloom 4 letters DOOM
Swim swam ___ 4 letters SWUM
True to the Game author Woods 4 letters TERI
Celeb 4 letters STAR
City known for gooey butter cake (Abbr.) 3 letters STL
Hoops league 3 letters NBA
Word before black or pack 3 letters JET
Shade of gray 3 letters ASH

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