USA Today Crossword October 23 2021 Answers

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USA Today Crossword October 23 2021 Answers:

Holier-than-thou person 4 letters SNOB
Get ___ of it! 3 letters RID
School near Beverly Hills 4 letters UCLA
Grp. with a phonetic alphabet 4 letters NATO
National sport of Japan 4 letters SUMO
Lost traction 4 letters SLID
Dance and drawing e.g. 4 letters ARTS
One of Singapore’s official languages 5 letters MALAY
Ages and ages 4 letters EONS
Training space for a basketball team 13 letters PRACTICECOURT
Scatter seeds 3 letters SOW
Acorn producer 3 letters OAK
End result 6 letters UPSHOT
Insect that makes a papery nest 4 letters WASP
Sketchy offers 5 letters SCAMS
Yo estoy in English 3 letters IAM
___ the season! 3 letters TIS
Singer and playwright Afsar 3 letters ARI
Opposed to 4 letters ANTI
Force that drives mental activity 13 letters PSYCHICENERGY
22-Across for one 4 letters TREE
Choose 3 letters OPT
___ of the Dead 3 letters DAY
Feathery neckwear 3 letters BOA
Eagerly expect 5 letters AWAIT
Battery-powered CBD dispenser 4 letters VAPE
Home to the Norse gods 6 letters ASGARD
Anagram and synonym of yea 3 letters AYE
Elder brother in Japanese 3 letters ANI
Bendy candy 13 letters LICORICESTICK
Happy 4 letters GLAD
Sly signals 5 letters WINKS
Cast-___ skillet 4 letters IRON
Pink-colored wine 4 letters ROSE
Silently agrees 4 letters NODS
Currency in Portugal 4 letters EURO
TransTech Summit founder Angelica 4 letters ROSS
Enclosure with a trough 3 letters STY
Gush forth 4 letters SPEW
Alternatives to buttons 5 letters SNAPS
Opposite of wide 6 letters NARROW
Another name for the Odawa 6 letters OTTAWA
Pear variety 4 letters BOSC
Reign 4 letters RULE
Apple computer 4 letters IMAC
Um . . . that is SUPER rude?! 9 letters DOYOUMIND
People rating an app 5 letters USERS
Wardrobe contents 8 letters CLOTHING
Ghost Forest creator Maya 3 letters LIN
Spotify interruptions 3 letters ADS
Burlap bags 5 letters SACKS
Mamma ___! 3 letters MIA
Subject of conversation 5 letters TOPIC
FedEx competitor 3 letters UPS
Like some grain-based face masks 4 letters OATY
That my friend was a big overshare 3 letters TMI
Homophone of 67-Across 4 letters STYE
Spiky plants 5 letters CACTI
You ___ My Sunshine 3 letters ARE
Much-hyped faceoffs 9 letters SHOWDOWNS
Sakhavu artist Dhayal 4 letters ARYA
Arguments in the column 4 letters PROS
Weathered beach bit found in some jewelry 8 letters SEAGLASS
Double or hazy beer 3 letters IPA
Roof edges 5 letters EAVES
Sched. placeholder 3 letters TBA
Curved path 3 letters ARC
Pushpins 5 letters TACKS
Find a partner 6 letters PAIRUP
One more song! 6 letters ENCORE
Helpers 5 letters AIDES
Verbal consent word 3 letters YES
This isn’t news to me 5 letters IKNOW
Really funny person 4 letters RIOT
Home to the WNBA’s Fever for short 4 letters INDY
Connections 4 letters TIES
Don’t come near my bone! 3 letters GRR
Australian bathroom 3 letters LOO

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