USA Today Crossword October 22 2021 Answers

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USA Today Crossword October 22 2021 Answers:

Mvskoke for thank you 4 letters MVTO
Placeholding letters on a schedule 3 letters TBA
Word before party or dress 4 letters WRAP
Strange in a scary way 5 letters EERIE
Yours and mine 4 letters OURS
Problem with a sock or a plot 4 letters HOLE
Twitter menace 5 letters TROLL
Big name in cookies 4 letters OREO
Big name in cookies 4 letters AMOS
D.C. time zone 3 letters EST
Chitchats a lot 4 letters GABS
Not yet active 6 letters LATENT
TV show starring Paulina Alexis Lane Factor D’Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai and Devery Jacobs 15 letters RESERVATIONDOGS
Pencil stuff 4 letters LEAD
Ta-ta! 4 letters CIAO
4-Down grp. 4 letters OPEC
Prefix for binary 3 letters NON
Twelve-month periods (Abbr.) 3 letters YRS
Metaphor for high turnover 13 letters REVOLVINGDOOR
Single-digit perfect square 3 letters ONE
Slithery sea creature 3 letters EEL
Red gem 4 letters RUBY
Just around the corner 4 letters NEAR
Place to store tools 4 letters SHED
Something might be proven beyond one 15 letters REASONABLEDOUBT
Bonus ingredients 6 letters ADDINS
___ a bell (sounded familiar) 4 letters RANG
Little green veggie 3 letters PEA
Positive answer to Have fun? 4 letters IDID
Fine by me 4 letters OKAY
Moves carefully 5 letters EASES
Single-digit perfect square 4 letters NINE
Brand with a swoosh logo 4 letters NIKE
Dozed 5 letters SLEPT
Large bodies of water 4 letters SEAS
Nickname for Edward 3 letters NED
___ Bitsy Spider 4 letters ITSY
Basic unit of distance 5 letters METER
Part of a poem 5 letters VERSE
Moderately fast running paces 5 letters TROTS
Resource measured in barrels 3 letters OIL
That’s a shame 6 letters TOOBAD
I hate to ___ your bubble . . . 5 letters BURST
The Kids ___ Alright (Chloe x Halle album) 3 letters ARE
Common first date question 11 letters WHATDOYOUDO
Juliet marries him 5 letters ROMEO
___ for the ride 5 letters ALONG
Bothersome beings 5 letters PESTS
Painter whose name means The Greek 7 letters ELGRECO
Performing music without accompaniment 7 letters SOLOING
Palindromic first name 3 letters AVA
Palindromic first name 3 letters ANA
What a hendecagon has 11 letters ELEVENSIDES
Legendary person 4 letters ICON
Gold in Spanish 3 letters ORO
Writing tool 3 letters PEN
Zero 3 letters NIL
Steal from 3 letters ROB
My bad in a text 3 letters SRY
Uses for support 7 letters LEANSON
Aloe ___ 4 letters VERA
___ up (unearths) 7 letters DREDGES
Very long time 3 letters EON
Performed brilliantly 6 letters SLAYED
Female chicken 3 letters HEN
Wet weather events 5 letters RAINS
Nickname for Edward 5 letters EDDIE
Freak Like Me singer Howard 5 letters ADINA
Pedal for stopping 5 letters BRAKE
Not happy 5 letters UPSET
Microwave sounds 5 letters BEEPS
Delicious 5 letters TASTY
Family 3 letters KIN
Actress Tatyana 3 letters ALI

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