USA Today Crossword October 21 2021 Answers

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USA Today Crossword October 21 2021 Answers:

Antlered deer 4 letters STAG
Warty amphibian 4 letters TOAD
Some airport vehicles 5 letters UBERS
Lost fish in a Pixar film 4 letters NEMO
___ and hearty 4 letters HALE
More achy 5 letters SORER
Getting the job done 4 letters ONIT
Nucleus’s place 4 letters ATOM
Social standards 5 letters NORMS
Fetus metaphorically 12 letters BUNINTHEOVEN
24K Magic singer Mars 5 letters BRUNO
Whoa whoa whoa! 8 letters SLOWDOWN
Of course! 3 letters YES
Attorney’s field 3 letters LAW
Cushiony shoe parts 7 letters INSOLES
Rice dishes 6 letters PILAFS
House in Spanish 4 letters CASA
Unrealistic aspiration 11 letters PIEINTHESKY
Country where Yalda Night is celebrated 4 letters IRAN
Resides 6 letters DWELLS
Say aloud to be recorded 7 letters DICTATE
Genre for Reel Big Fish 3 letters SKA
___ So Fine (Chiffons hit) 3 letters HES
Drivers exceeding the limit 8 letters SPEEDERS
Smelled bad 5 letters STANK
Lovers’ Lane encounter 12 letters ROLLINTHEHAY
Sound that might replace a curse word 5 letters BLEEP
Canyonlands National Park state 4 letters UTAH
Feature of an accessible building perhaps 4 letters RAMP
Most minimal 5 letters LEAST
Smooth Operator singer 4 letters SADE
Clog or wedge 4 letters SHOE
Softball gloves 5 letters MITTS
Cafeteria item that might be used as a sled 4 letters TRAY
Fennec foxes have big ones 4 letters EARS
Stuck-up 6 letters SNOBBY
Goal for many professors 6 letters TENURE
92% as a letter grade 6 letters AMINUS
Obtained admission 5 letters GOTIN
___ can’t be right! 4 letters THAT
Vow 4 letters OATH
Soothing plants 5 letters ALOES
Destroys 10 letters DEMOLISHES
Best Colleges list maker briefly 6 letters USNEWS
The ___ (comic strip turned Cartoon Network show) 9 letters BOONDOCKS
Put dish soap in the dishwasher say 3 letters ERR
Deep sleep letters 3 letters REM
H.S. students nearing graduation 3 letters SRS
I swear! 5 letters NOLIE
Maria ___ Trapp (The Sound of Music role) 3 letters VON
Skin care brand that sounds like a cheer 4 letters OLAY
Actor Studi 3 letters WES
Cryptanalysis org. 3 letters NSA
Boxer Laila 3 letters ALI
Urge to travel 10 letters WANDERLUST
Website for sharing and categorizing images 9 letters PINTEREST
The best! in internet slang 3 letters FTW
Tempo 4 letters PACE
Animal hidden in pretzel knot 3 letters ELK
Symbol between pronouns 5 letters SLASH
Bouncers check them 3 letters IDS
Tear 3 letters RIP
Expands the family perhaps 6 letters ADOPTS
___ Aviv 3 letters TEL
LOL alternative 6 letters HAHAHA
Fill with love 6 letters ENAMOR
Video chats say 6 letters SKYPES
Hindustani classical music instrument 5 letters SITAR
Not verbose 5 letters TERSE
Zip zilch zero 4 letters NADA
Gender-neutral pronoun 4 letters THEY
Letters on a sign at a racial justice march perhaps 3 letters BLM
Hawaiian garland 3 letters LEI
Enjoy some vindaloo 3 letters EAT

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