USA Today Crossword October 17 2021 Answers

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USA Today Crossword October 17 2021 Answers:

Long vehicles 5 letters LIMOS
Class with derivatives for short 4 letters CALC
College applicant’s stat 3 letters GPA
Menzel who played Elphaba in Wicked 5 letters IDINA
Like the climate in western Rajasthan 4 letters ARID
Rise dramatically 4 letters SOAR
Singer with the record label PureSprings Gospel 10 letters CECEWINANS
UFC fighter Holly 4 letters HOLM
Oregon-to-Idaho direction 4 letters EAST
Spot for an earring 4 letters LOBE
Youku upload 5 letters VIDEO
UFC fighter’s quest 5 letters TITLE
Container at an open bar 6 letters TIPJAR
Common first word for a baby 4 letters MAMA
Hybrid golf garment 5 letters SKORT
Cheer at a Colo-Colo game 3 letters OLE
Discussion groups 6 letters PANELS
Region 4 letters AREA
Place for a nap 3 letters BED
Again ___ again 3 letters AND
Alternatives to tinted moisturizers 8 letters CCCREAMS
Not as much 4 letters LESS
Strong investment bond rating 3 letters AAA
Ate differently 6 letters DIETED
Entices 6 letters TEMPTS
Easy to deceive 5 letters NAIVE
Bejeweled headpiece 5 letters TIARA
Fish used to catch striped bass 3 letters EEL
Stumble 4 letters TRIP
Anti-chapping product 7 letters LIPBALM
One given special access perhaps 3 letters VIP
Sci-fi author Palmer 3 letters ADA
Nest egg initials 3 letters IRA
Blues song first recorded by Ma Rainey 11 letters SEESEERIDER
___ Miz 3 letters LES
Slip-up 5 letters ERROR
Shot put or discus throw 5 letters EVENT
Golf hole distance units (Abbr.) 3 letters YDS
Budae-jjigae and nikujaga e.g. 5 letters STEWS
Unwelcome animals 5 letters PESTS
Scalp parasites 4 letters LICE
Creative thought 4 letters IDEA
Props for emcees 9 letters MICSTANDS
Less than twice more than never 7 letters ONETIME
Toothed cutting tool 3 letters SAW
Boats with paddles 6 letters CANOES
The A in UAE 4 letters ARAB
Post office hassle 4 letters LINE
Music holders in cases 3 letters CDS
Nice work! 7 letters GOODJOB
Rhyming drink 7 letters PALEALE
___ car (transporter of valuables) 7 letters ARMORED
Space vessel 4 letters SHIP
___ keep you in my prayers! 3 letters ILL
B3 or B12 for example 7 letters VITAMIN
Softest mineral on Earth 4 letters TALC
Tire pattern 5 letters TREAD
Filly’s hair 4 letters MANE
Ariel Torres’ martial art 6 letters KARATE
Contents of a minecart 3 letters ORE
Person to hang out with 3 letters PAL
Fraud warning 9 letters SCAMALERT
Put a limit on 3 letters CAP
Musical chairs goal 4 letters SEAT
Wild guess 4 letters STAB
Bitter rants 7 letters TIRADES
Plain to see 7 letters EVIDENT
Hits the road 7 letters DEPARTS
Removes from the whiteboard 6 letters ERASES
Breaks off 6 letters SEVERS
Ready for a nap 5 letters TIRED
Skip me 5 letters IPASS
Two Truths and a ___ 3 letters LIE
Pond flower 4 letters LILY
___ mortals (regular people) 4 letters MERE
Word following meal or test 4 letters PREP
Plant some seeds 3 letters SOW
So ___ heard! 3 letters IVE

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