USA Today Crossword October 14 2021 Answers

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USA Today Crossword October 14 2021 Answers:

Holey cheese 5 letters SWISS
Doctor Who network 3 letters BBC
Enjoyed some kitfo 3 letters ATE
Fall heavily 5 letters THUMP
Square footage 4 letters AREA
Japanese currency 3 letters YEN
Samesies! 5 letters SODOI
Some soda containers 4 letters CANS
You’re My ___ Friend (Queen song) 4 letters BEST
New Hampshire nickname 12 letters GRANITESTATE
Like most baby food 8 letters STRAINED
One might work pro bono 6 letters LAWYER
Field for a house-flipper 6 letters REALTY
Twitch or Twitter spammer 3 letters BOT
Magazine overseers for short 3 letters EDS
Out of harm’s way 4 letters SAFE
Respectful greeting 6 letters SALAAM
80s arcade game with a rolling ball 13 letters MARBLEMADNESS
Deep ditch 6 letters TRENCH
Cozy reading spot 4 letters NOOK
Kimono sash 3 letters OBI
___ be a pleasure! 3 letters ITD
Hat worn by PaRappa the Rapper 6 letters BEANIE
Polite denial 6 letters NOMAAM
Untidy like a beard 8 letters SCRAGGLY
Angie Thomas novel with a floral title 12 letters CONCRETEROSE
Help commit a crime 4 letters ABET
Producer of apples or pears 4 letters TREE
Wipe the data from 5 letters ERASE
Fish often paired with cream cheese 3 letters LOX
Ugh the nerve! 4 letters RUDE
It might go around your eyes or lips 5 letters LINER
That’s a ___ to process 3 letters LOT
I’d love to! 3 letters YES
Ritual where charoset represents mortar 5 letters SEDER
Some lines on a map for short 3 letters STS
Never heard of them 3 letters WHO
Birth control option (Abbr.) 3 letters IUD
Notification of low air quality 9 letters SMOGALERT
Seance visitor 6 letters SPIRIT
Woven hairstyle 5 letters BRAID
Like knees in chair pose 4 letters BENT
Backlog for a 24-Across 8 letters CASELOAD
On it captain! 6 letters AYEAYE
Evaluated 6 letters TESTED
Types in like data 6 letters ENTERS
Condition that a face mask might treat 4 letters ACNE
Oh and … in texts 3 letters BTW
Doesn’t matter which 3 letters ANY
Not today ___! 5 letters SATAN
SAT takers often (Abbr.) 3 letters SRS
Group wearing the same uniform 4 letters TEAM
Nadal’s nickname 4 letters RAFA
Not very exciting 4 letters BLAH
Button with a paper airplane icon 4 letters SEND
Movie theater chain 3 letters AMC
The Glass ___ 9 letters MENAGERIE
Prickly shrub 5 letters BRIAR
I want a turn! 8 letters LETMETRY
Billboard chart component 4 letters SONG
Gardener’s dirt 4 letters SOIL
One of 60 on a harpsichord 3 letters KEY
Available for summoning 6 letters ONCALL
Mistake 6 letters BOOBOO
It’s almost my turn! 6 letters IMNEXT
My dude! 3 letters BRO
Painting supporters 6 letters EASELS
Segment of a ballet 3 letters ACT
Bits on an everything bagel 5 letters SEEDS
Like Walking-Out Ceremonies 4 letters CREE
Loyal 4 letters TRUE
Akeelah ___ the Bee 3 letters AND
Go out with 3 letters SEE
Make a 3 letters ERR

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