USA Today Crossword October 13 2021 Answers

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USA Today Crossword October 13 2021 Answers:

Good joke! 4 letters HAHA
Alternative to cable internet 3 letters DSL
Waterproof covering 4 letters TARP
A long time 4 letters AGES
Name that’s an anagram of name 4 letters MENA
Unsuccessful competitor 5 letters LOSER
Arrange in order 4 letters SORT
B-school course 4 letters ECON
Sun-dried brick 5 letters ADOBE
Took out a loan for example 13 letters BORROWEDMONEY
B-school degree 3 letters MBA
Lends support to 4 letters AIDS
Props for painters 6 letters EASELS
OK let’s hear it 7 letters ILLBITE
___ and tris (muscle group) 3 letters BIS
Lecture jottings 5 letters NOTES
URL ending for a charity 3 letters ORG
Hermano de una madre 3 letters TIO
Stockholm Palace line 15 letters SWEDISHMONARCHY
Automaker headquartered in Seoul 3 letters KIA
Very bright colors 5 letters NEONS
San ___ State University 5 letters DIEGO
Fish sauce amount (Abbr.) 3 letters TSP
Please spare me the details! 3 letters TMI
Not as tight a fit 6 letters LOOSER
Pennsylvania city home to Waldameer & Water World 4 letters ERIE
Bone near the serratus anterior 3 letters RIB
Buttonless top 3 letters TEE
Japanese bridal garment 13 letters WEDDINGKIMONO
Glycolic and hyaluronic e.g. 5 letters ACIDS
Painter Neilson 4 letters ANNE
Part of town 4 letters AREA
Rock involved in fracking 5 letters SHALE
Disorganized state 4 letters MESS
Contacted privately on TikTok 4 letters DMED
Simit bread middles 5 letters HOLES
Sheep that sounds like a letter 3 letters EWE
Inquires 4 letters ASKS
This ___ to be a joke 3 letters HAS
A long time ___ 3 letters AGO
Chamomile or peppermint beverages 10 letters HERBALTEAS
Regarding 4 letters ASTO
Unencrypt 6 letters DECODE
Winter weather events 5 letters SNOWS
Swimming pool division 4 letters LANE
All in Spanish 5 letters TODOS
In unison 5 letters ASONE
Oppose authority 5 letters REBEL
Hunts for food 5 letters PREYS
Deserve to get 5 letters MERIT
Tibetan spiritual leaders 5 letters LAMAS
Fruit added to bran flakes 6 letters RAISIN
Homophone of Dane 5 letters DEIGN
Most populous city in Belarus 5 letters MINSK
Botch the job 6 letters BLOWIT
Place for a mattress 3 letters BED
Word after Warner or Super Smash 4 letters BROS
Prefix for present 4 letters OMNI
Duo plus one 4 letters TRIO
Winter weather events 9 letters ICESTORMS
Aw shucks! 5 letters OHGEE
Took root 5 letters SETIN
Target Field outing for the Twins e.g. 8 letters HOMEGAME
Slow-cooked Filipino dish 5 letters ADOBO
Olden times 4 letters YORE
Try to sell 6 letters PEDDLE
Khauk swe thoke fruits 5 letters LIMES
Gets higher 5 letters RISES
Remove soap from 5 letters RINSE
Use soap on 4 letters WASH
___ chamber 4 letters ECHO
Part of a watch 4 letters DIAL
Was in the loop 4 letters KNEW
Nothing in Spanish 4 letters NADA
Ahhh a spider! 3 letters EEK
Some Insta posts 3 letters ADS

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