USA Today Crossword November 28 2022 Answers

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USA Today Crossword November 28 2022 Answers:

Stadium named for a tennis player 4 letters ASHE
Flora and ___ 5 letters FAUNA
Queen in Frozen 4 letters ELSA
Drain blockage 4 letters CLOG
Seeped 5 letters OOZED
Hammer’s target 4 letters NAIL
Wow you folks do not laugh easily! 10 letters TOUGHCROWD
Shore bird 4 letters GULL
Audition 6 letters TRYOUT
Smallest finger 5 letters PINKY
Available for a reduced price 6 letters ONSALE
So? 3 letters AND
___-knit sweater 5 letters CABLE
Like some fro-yo shops 9 letters SELFSERVE
Scallion relative 4 letters LEEK
Give off 4 letters EMIT
Ouch! 3 letters YOW
Provide assistance 3 letters AID
Mr.’s spouse maybe 3 letters MRS
Last number in a countdown 3 letters ONE
Prereq for a genetics course 3 letters BIO
Nautical call for help 3 letters SOS
___ that the truth! 4 letters AINT
Lowest face card 4 letters JACK
Animal Planet program with a Kitty Halftime Show 9 letters PUPPYBOWL
Pamphlet parts 5 letters PAGES
___ Grande 3 letters RIO
Type of spoon 6 letters WOODEN
Piece of asparagus 5 letters SPEAR
Least foolish 6 letters WISEST
Ghee-brushed flatbread 4 letters NAAN
Cyndi Lauper song with the lyric So don’t be afraid to let them show 10 letters TRUECOLORS
High hairstyle 4 letters UPDO
Old ___ language from which berserk is derived 5 letters NORSE
Shoe-tying formation 4 letters LOOP
Meshell Ndegeocello’s instrument 4 letters BASS
Campsite sights 5 letters TENTS
A Day Without Rain singer 4 letters ENYA
Get your ___ together 3 letters ACT
Schedule space 4 letters SLOT
The h in mph 4 letters HOUR
Aioli ingredient 7 letters EGGYOLK
Pay attention! 5 letters FOCUS
Large arteries 6 letters AORTAS
Really Love actress Aduba 3 letters UZO
Just-released 3 letters NEW
Recipe verb 3 letters ADD
Search ___ 6 letters ENGINE
Holder of dirty clothes 10 letters LAUNDRYBAG
Hanbok fabric 4 letters SILK
Member of a coalition 4 letters ALLY
Make sharper 4 letters HONE
Crafting adhesive 5 letters PASTE
Blues singer Julia 3 letters LEE
Furry red Muppet 4 letters ELMO
Anklet fastener 5 letters CLASP
Five vowels 5 letters AEIOU
Decorations on top of sheets and blankets 10 letters BEDSPREADS
Part seen during a shark sighting 3 letters FIN
Be the ___ of reason 5 letters VOICE
Furry Star Wars creatures 5 letters EWOKS
City official 5 letters MAYOR
Lung-protecting bone 3 letters RIB
Stuff to sled on 4 letters SNOW
Number of U.S. state names that start with a V 3 letters TWO
Abbott Elementary actress ___ James 7 letters JANELLE
Baby grands for example 6 letters PIANOS
Like the best golf scores 6 letters LOWEST
Mexican coin 4 letters PESO
Preps mangoes for salsa 5 letters DICES
Fail to acknowledge 4 letters SNUB
Another name for Dad 4 letters PAPA
The S in ASAP 4 letters SOON
Former Steelers player Polamalu 4 letters TROY
Explosive used in demolition 3 letters TNT
Fish eggs 3 letters ROE
Decorative vase 3 letters URN
Place offering massages 3 letters SPA

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