USA Today Crossword November 27 2021 Answers

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USA Today Crossword November 27 2021 Answers:

One of two languages in Deaf West Theater productions 3 letters ASL
Shape of some dog toys 4 letters BONE
Like some salsa 4 letters MILD
Hive insect 3 letters BEE
In the thick of 4 letters AMID
Cobb salad ingredient 5 letters BACON
Surgical areas for short 3 letters ORS
Engagement jewelry 4 letters RING
Yellow fruit 6 letters BANANA
Process for mailing in a ballot from out of state 14 letters ABSENTEEVOTING
Hilarious person 4 letters RIOT
Tokyo 2020 org. 3 letters IOC
Friday Night Vibes channel 3 letters TBS
One might be shown off on the floor 9 letters DANCEMOVE
Is wearing 5 letters HASON
Part of a script 4 letters LINE
Color of some sapphires 4 letters TEAL
Purple flower native to Tanzania 13 letters AFRICANVIOLET
Vicinity 4 letters AREA
Like sequoias 4 letters TALL
Passport marking 5 letters STAMP
Lustrous piece of eveningwear 9 letters SILKDRESS
MLB Opening Day month 3 letters APR
Who ___ you? 3 letters ARE
Foot or yard e.g. 4 letters UNIT
Swedish actress who played Lara Croft 14 letters ALICIAVIKANDER
Not completely against 6 letters OPENTO
Similar 4 letters AKIN
Significant time period 3 letters ERA
Birds’ homes 5 letters NESTS
Turn to a puddle 4 letters MELT
Shea Butter Baby singer Lennox 3 letters ARI
. . . approximately 4 letters ORSO
Sheet of glass 4 letters PANE
Dashed 3 letters RAN
All ___! (conductor’s cry) 6 letters ABOARD
Nikola Jokic’s country 6 letters SERBIA
Teacher’s preparation 6 letters LESSON
Square dance location maybe 4 letters BARN
Fail to mention 4 letters OMIT
Number of forms for the goddess Durga 4 letters NINE
Competitive advantage 4 letters EDGE
Pedi’s partner 4 letters MANI
You’re blocking my view! 8 letters ICANTSEE
Skinny ship 8 letters LONGBOAT
Molecule in chromosomes 3 letters DNA
Sheetful of cookies 5 letters BATCH
Aptly named ghost in the Mario franchise 3 letters BOO
And more like this (Abbr.) 3 letters ETC
Compete 3 letters VIE
Aristotle Athari’s show 3 letters SNL
Jazz saxophonist ___ Lucky Thompson 3 letters ELI
Device dropped in triumph 3 letters MIC
Not ___ bet! 3 letters ONA
Starbucks large 5 letters VENTI
Capital of GA 3 letters ATL
Sketcher’s purchase 8 letters ARTPAPER
Not even a little scared 8 letters FEARLESS
Hit hard 3 letters RAM
Name hidden in lava lamp 3 letters VAL
Type 3 letters ILK
Antiquated 3 letters OLD
Clean ___ whistle 3 letters ASA
Treaties 5 letters PACTS
Octopus’s home 3 letters SEA
Series of performances 3 letters RUN
Make loveable 6 letters ENDEAR
___ Nevada mountains 6 letters SIERRA
Use a colander 6 letters STRAIN
Animated movie set in Brazil 3 letters RIO
Crushing on 4 letters INTO
Short repeated musical passage 4 letters VAMP
Store that sells meatballs and bookcases 4 letters IKEA
Pottery oven 4 letters KILN
Poker payment 4 letters ANTE
Sushi chef Jiro 3 letters ONO

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