USA Today Crossword November 25 2022 Answers

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USA Today Crossword November 25 2022 Answers:

Group in a movie’s credits 4 letters CAST
Country between Ghana and Benin 4 letters TOGO
Future physician’s exam 4 letters MCAT
Run ___ of (come into conflict with) 5 letters AFOUL
Singular form of Inuit 4 letters INUK
Curved part of the foot 4 letters ARCH
Slightest amount 5 letters TRACE
In close proximity to 4 letters NEAR
Fence entrance 4 letters GATE
Author of the poem Allowables 13 letters NIKKIGIOVANNI
Hockey surface 3 letters ICE
Hockey venue 5 letters ARENA
Unchallenging class 5 letters EASYA
Volleyball player’s elbow protector 3 letters PAD
Suffix for Japan or Bhutan 3 letters ESE
Feels bad for 6 letters PITIES
Part of an infographic 4 letters STAT
Purplish color 7 letters MAGENTA
Chews like a rodent 5 letters GNAWS
Shoulder-to-hip accessory 4 letters SASH
Drink slowly 3 letters SIP
Baking tool that might be star-shaped 12 letters COOKIECUTTER
Less cooked 5 letters RAWER
Chances ___ . . . 3 letters ARE
Interior designer’s focus 5 letters DECOR
Gold in Spanish 3 letters ORO
Beams in some security systems 6 letters LASERS
Female horse 4 letters MARE
Benedict Wong’s Doctor Strange character 4 letters WONG
Org. providing health care to tribal members 3 letters IHS
. . . by which I mean . . . 6 letters THATIS
Unclothed 4 letters NUDE
Shoelace-securing strategy 10 letters DOUBLEKNOT
Part of a ping-pong table 3 letters NET
Currency in France and Spain 4 letters EURO
Zora ___ Hurston 5 letters NEALE
Physicians (Abbr.) 3 letters DRS
Worry for a while 4 letters STEW
Hurried 4 letters SPED
Metaphor for something irresistible 6 letters CATNIP
How Europe Underdeveloped ___ (Walter Rodney book) 6 letters AFRICA
All wet 6 letters SOAKED
___ in your shirt 4 letters TUCK
Least large 7 letters TINIEST
Low tie score 6 letters ONEONE
Goiabada fruit 5 letters GUAVA
Gumbo vegetable 4 letters OKRA
Powerful businessperson 7 letters MAGNATE
Dried cranberries 8 letters CRAISINS
Talent show performance 3 letters ACT
Most common word in English 3 letters THE
Carrie Fisher’s Star Wars character 4 letters LEIA
Cooking byproduct 6 letters GREASE
Made a sound like a horse 7 letters NEIGHED
Alleged Himalayan creature 4 letters YETI
Urgent acronym 4 letters ASAP
A thing of the ___ 4 letters PAST
For old times’ ___ 4 letters SAKE
Do a spin 5 letters TWIRL
Alma ___ 5 letters MATER
Circumvent 8 letters GOAROUND
Unsurprising 8 letters NOWONDER
Mm-hmm . . . 8 letters SURESURE
Turn chips or stocks into money 7 letters CASHOUT
New versions of old movies 7 letters REMAKES
Short sleep 6 letters CATNAP
Bird with orange plumage 6 letters ORIOLE
Took a break 6 letters RESTED
Assistants 5 letters AIDES
Missouri city for short 3 letters STL
___ me every time 4 letters GETS
Female fowl 3 letters HEN
Archer’s item 3 letters BOW

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