USA Today Crossword November 25 2021 Answers

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USA Today Crossword November 25 2021 Answers:

I swear to ___! 3 letters GOD
Korean ancestor ritual 4 letters JESA
Fail to win 4 letters LOSE
Mining outputs 4 letters ORES
Line on a graph 4 letters AXIS
Seeing an owl for example 4 letters OMEN
1969-1971 Red Power occupation site now home to the annual Indigenous Peoples Thanksgiving Sunrise Gathering 14 letters ALCATRAZISLAND
Living Lively author/chef Thomas 5 letters HAILE
Breakfast lunch or dinner 4 letters MEAL
Keeps annoying 4 letters NAGS
Generate positive feelings 6 letters ENDEAR
Lil ___ X 3 letters NAS
Dance with metallic shoes 3 letters TAP
Fruity drink suffix 3 letters ADE
Used a bicycle 4 letters RODE
Transform into 6 letters BECOME
Numero after uno 3 letters DOS
Animal on the Pawnee Nation flag 4 letters WOLF
Goofed 5 letters ERRED
Clump of lint cutely 9 letters DUSTBUNNY
Online inbox item 5 letters EMAIL
Not all and not none 4 letters SOME
Silent greeting 3 letters NOD
Widen like pupils 6 letters DILATE
Too diluted 4 letters WEAK
Spanish for gold 3 letters ORO
First aid pro 3 letters EMT
Alias letters 3 letters AKA
Leaned 6 letters TILTED
F-sharp is one 4 letters NOTE
In the Courts of the Conqueror author Walter R. ___-Hawk 4 letters ECHO
Mario’s brother 5 letters LUIGI
Autonomous vehicle 14 letters SELFDRIVINGCAR
Rod between wheels 4 letters AXLE
Follower of bleary- or starry- 4 letters EYED
Transmitted 4 letters SENT
Three sisters ___ 4 letters STEW
___-serif font 4 letters SANS
Vegan milk choice 3 letters SOY
By all means! 7 letters GOAHEAD
Central Florida city 7 letters ORLANDO
Makes a choice 7 letters DECIDES
Piece of Sikyatki Revival pottery 3 letters JAR
Academic test 4 letters EXAM
Band ___ (bra measurement) 4 letters SIZE
Like Sherpa people 5 letters ASIAN
haha 3 letters LOL
Yemen’s eastern neighbor 4 letters OMAN
Robert Latham Owen’s title from 1907 to 1925 7 letters SENATOR
Last stage of a chess match 7 letters ENDGAME
Shopping special 4 letters SALE
Wear and ___ 4 letters TEAR
Big slice 4 letters SLAB
Went really fast 4 letters SPED
Uses oars 4 letters ROWS
Observed 4 letters SEEN
Braille symbols 4 letters DOTS
Arm joint 5 letters ELBOW
Weep 3 letters CRY
Bit of toxic smoke 4 letters FUME
___ Internacional de los Pueblos Indigenas (Aug. 9 observance) 3 letters DIA
Beauty chain 4 letters ULTA
Tidy 4 letters NEAT
Monkey Beach author Robinson 4 letters EDEN
Brunch drinks served in flutes 7 letters MIMOSAS
Written description of an online image 7 letters ALTTEXT
Becomes aware of 7 letters NOTICES
Pizza herb 7 letters OREGANO
Treat unfairly on purpose 7 letters DODIRTY
___ out (barely got) 4 letters EKED
62-Down for ceramics 4 letters KILN
Units of land 5 letters ACRES
Hauls 4 letters LUGS
She in French or they in Spanish 4 letters ELLE
Well hey there! 4 letters HIYA
Baking appliance 4 letters OVEN
Not many 3 letters FEW
Cards issued by the DMV 3 letters IDS

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