USA Today Crossword November 24 2021 Answers

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USA Today Crossword November 24 2021 Answers:

Barbecue rods 5 letters SPITS
Well said! 4 letters AMEN
Drop from an eye 4 letters TEAR
Close pal 5 letters HOMIE
Folk legends 4 letters LORE
Like some Christmas sweaters 4 letters UGLY
Rhyming description for some healthy foods 10 letters HEARTSMART
Skipping ___ 4 letters ROPE
Fight ___ good fight 3 letters THE
Its smell scares a mouse 3 letters CAT
Hopes to get 5 letters WANTS
Org. with a farm loan program 4 letters USDA
I ___ you an explanation 3 letters OWE
Pointer or poodle 3 letters DOG
Bit of light picked up by night-vision goggles 11 letters INFRAREDRAY
Sorrowful poem 5 letters ELEGY
Read a forum without posting 4 letters LURK
Skin opening 4 letters PORE
Othar Turner’s instrument 4 letters FIFE
Thin coins 5 letters DIMES
Kitchen or attic 4 letters ROOM
Rounded shape 4 letters OVAL
Privy to 4 letters INON
Grace under pressure 5 letters POISE
Prize won by Nicole Fleetwood in 2021 11 letters GENIUSGRANT
Big ___ (London attraction) 3 letters BEN
Rebellion leader Turner 3 letters NAT
City home to the Norsk Folkemuseum 4 letters OSLO
Sailing 5 letters ATSEA
Performs like Amorphous 3 letters DJS
___ buco 4 letters OSSO
The Pointer Sisters for example 4 letters TRIO
Bed alternative 10 letters SPRAYONTAN
Fly off the shelves 4 letters SELL
Croaker with bumpy skin 4 letters TOAD
Little Fires Everywhere star Witherspoon 5 letters REESE
Veggie with a curly variety 4 letters KALE
Boundary line 4 letters EDGE
Pasture growth 5 letters GRASS
Keep it down! 3 letters SHH
Sarah Kay for example 4 letters POET
Really love your work! 10 letters IMAHUGEFAN
Car quartet 5 letters TIRES
Full collection 3 letters SET
Painter Thomas 4 letters ALMA
Castle security trench 4 letters MOAT
___ on the side of caution 3 letters ERR
Socializes professionally 8 letters NETWORKS
Went to the big leagues 9 letters TURNEDPRO
Award quartet for Liza Minnelli 4 letters EGOT
Mont Blanc’s mountain range 4 letters ALPS
Reuben bread 3 letters RYE
Look over quickly 4 letters SCAN
Impress greatly 3 letters AWE
Craft kit letters 3 letters DIY
Remove condensation from 5 letters DEFOG
Antipasto morsel 5 letters OLIVE
Brief relationship 5 letters FLING
Grapevine tidbit 5 letters RUMOR
Entertainment & Sports ___ (D.C. venue) 5 letters ARENA
Red herbal drink 10 letters ROOIBOSTEA
Came up 5 letters AROSE
Republic on the Gulf of Aden 5 letters YEMEN
Squishy shoe insert 9 letters GELINSOLE
Aversion 8 letters DISTASTE
Tina Thompson scored 7488 in the WNBA (Abbr.) 3 letters PTS
Burj Al Arab’s country 3 letters UAE
Overly inquisitive 4 letters NOSY
Solitary sort 5 letters LONER
Square footage 4 letters AREA
Fake it ___ you make it 4 letters TILL
Wet blanket 4 letters DRAG
Stone in many facial rollers 4 letters JADE
Talk back to 4 letters SASS
Change for a five 4 letters ONES
Shaming syllable 3 letters TSK
Group of whales 3 letters POD
www.wildaid.___ 3 letters ORG

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