USA Today Crossword November 22 2020 Answers

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USA Today Crossword November 22 2020 Answers:

Proud pair 5 letters PAPAS
Veggie that rolls easily 3 letters PEA
___ rice (Japanese/Mexican fusion dish) 4 letters TACO
Cause to chuckle 5 letters AMUSE
Big trucks 4 letters RIGS
Declare publicly 4 letters AVOW
Storm discharge 15 letters LIGHTNINGSTRIKE
Reverent verse 3 letters ODE
Over with 4 letters DONE
Honeybee homes 5 letters HIVES
Russian rulers of old 5 letters TSARS
Bring on the weekend! 4 letters TGIF
Oh yeah? 4 letters ISIT
Devoid of mistakes 9 letters ERRORFREE
Desserts with toasted marshmallows 6 letters SMORES
Poncho feature 4 letters HOOD
Model Sambora 3 letters AVA
Magnum ___ (masterwork) 4 letters OPUS
Memorial bios 5 letters OBITS
At-bat stats 4 letters RBIS
Name that becomes another name if you add He to the beginning 3 letters LEN
Revered figure 4 letters ICON
Safe to consume 6 letters EDIBLE
Far from avant-garde 9 letters OLDSCHOOL
Candice Patton’s role on The Flash 4 letters IRIS
Hassle 4 letters PAIN
Like brand-new candles 5 letters UNLIT
Back of a boat 5 letters STERN
Oak or poplar 4 letters TREE
How long ___ it been? 3 letters HAS
Comfy bed or hot shower e.g. 15 letters CREATURECOMFORT
Like hands after eating youtiao 4 letters OILY
Meeting casually 4 letters SESH
Michelle Obama’s eldest 5 letters MALIA
Throw gently 4 letters TOSS
Commercials 3 letters ADS
Bugged 5 letters ATEAT
___ Alto California 4 letters PALO
During 4 letters AMID
Pacific Northwest inlet 10 letters PUGETSOUND
Firepit remnant 3 letters ASH
Prearranged time 7 letters SETDATE
Christmas candle scent 4 letters PINE
Naengmyeon topping 3 letters EGG
Braying beast 3 letters ASS
Tax on imports or exports 6 letters TARIFF
Tel ___ Israel 4 letters AVIV
Soft drink choice 4 letters COKE
Still hasn’t paid 4 letters OWES
Get the suds out 5 letters RINSE
Negative conjunction 3 letters NOR
Like depth among dimensions 5 letters THIRD
Address for multiple knights 4 letters SIRS
Jogging pace 4 letters TROT
Duck duck ___ 5 letters GOOSE
Drive forward 5 letters IMPEL
Herbivore with three toes 5 letters RHINO
You may fall down one while researching something online 10 letters RABBITHOLE
Lesser of two ___ 5 letters EVILS
Lack of difficulty 4 letters EASE
Alone 4 letters SOLO
2014 Olympics host city 5 letters SOCHI
Blessing 4 letters BOON
Fenty Beauty founder to fans 4 letters RIRI
Sorry already got plans 5 letters ICANT
Tough decision 7 letters DILEMMA
Applies a mist to 6 letters SPRAYS
Abrupt movement 5 letters LURCH
The Matrix protagonist 3 letters NEO
Emeli Sande or Kelly Macdonald 4 letters SCOT
The Chicks e.g. 4 letters TRIO
Long swimmers 4 letters EELS
Model Holliday 4 letters TESS
Anna Netrebko delivery 4 letters ARIA
Fantasy sports datum 4 letters STAT
Losing team in the 2019 Solheim Cup 3 letters USA
Popular wedding ao dai color 3 letters RED
Coconut butter is high in it 3 letters FAT

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