USA Today Crossword November 21 2020 Answers

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USA Today Crossword November 21 2020 Answers:

It’s a ___ point 4 letters MOOT
T.A.s at times 7 letters GRADERS
Leader of the Arkestra 5 letters SUNRA
Places to play 8 letters RECROOMS
X marks the spot activity 15 letters TREASUREHUNTING
Not trans 3 letters CIS
Centipedes have a lot of them 4 letters LEGS
Jazz great Mary ___ Williams 3 letters LOU
Let loose 7 letters UNLEASH
Eyelash treatment 4 letters PERM
Term of address that’s a palindrome 3 letters SIS
Hi-___ image 3 letters RES
Subjects of some negotiations 6 letters RAISES
Frighten 5 letters ALARM
Sulwe author 6 letters LUPITA
Rite also known as chado 11 letters TEACEREMONY
Castle defenses 5 letters MOATS
I’m blushing! 6 letters OHSTOP
Cease 3 letters END
Joyful exclamation 3 letters WOO
___ up with (tolerates) 4 letters PUTS
Longed 7 letters YEARNED
Prefix for centrism 3 letters EGO
They oink 4 letters PIGS
Org. with member discounts 3 letters AAA
Mutual aid installation 15 letters COMMUNITYFRIDGE
Glistened 8 letters SPARKLED
Backup strategy 5 letters PLANB
Playground levers 7 letters SEESAWS
Insult by ignoring 4 letters SNUB
Colorado time zone for short 3 letters MST
Where Did ___ Love Go 3 letters OUR
Firstly . . . 3 letters ONE
Find the origin of 5 letters TRACE
I’m incensed! 3 letters GRR
Actor’s video 4 letters REEL
NSAID target 4 letters ACHE
The D in NSAID 4 letters DRUG
Long time periods 4 letters EONS
Decompose 3 letters ROT
Grins 6 letters SMILES
Largest continent 4 letters ASIA
So boring! 5 letters SNORE
Cold War country 4 letters USSR
Mouth parts 4 letters GUMS
Cold War country 3 letters USA
Nada 3 letters NIL
Future attorney’s exam 4 letters LSAT
Roxie Roker’s role on The Jeffersons 5 letters HELEN
Dorothy Donegan instrument 5 letters PIANO
Word before protector in electronics 5 letters SURGE
Word before protector in basketball 3 letters RIM
Basic particle 4 letters ATOM
Pays to use 5 letters RENTS
Month after abril 4 letters MAYO
Flower that attracts ants 5 letters PEONY
Purchase informally 3 letters COP
So boring! 4 letters YAWN
Foot part 3 letters TOE
Lawn material 3 letters SOD
Oil grp. 4 letters OPEC
Awards for N.K. Jemisin 5 letters HUGOS
Steps hard 6 letters STOMPS
___ President Now (1988 Gallaudet University protest) 4 letters DEAF
Org. with member discounts 4 letters AARP
Shower safety fixtures 5 letters RAILS
100% 4 letters PURE
Calligraphy supplies 4 letters INKS
___ monster 4 letters GILA
Simmered dish 4 letters STEW
Astronaut Jemison 3 letters MAE
Units of length (Abbr.) 3 letters YDS
Martial arts rank 3 letters DAN
Homophone of new 3 letters GNU
Recede 3 letters EBB

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