USA Today Crossword May 9 2021 Answers

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USA Today Crossword May 9 2021 Answers:

Parts of plays 4 letters ACTS
Point a finger at 5 letters BLAME
Clump of dirt 4 letters CLOD
Better Call Saul star Seehorn 4 letters RHEA
Watch brand with a crown logo 5 letters ROLEX
Glowing review 4 letters RAVE
Tai chi for example 10 letters MARTIALART
Like lore often 4 letters ORAL
Fathered 5 letters SIRED
If memory serves . . . 9 letters ASIRECALL
On the subject of 4 letters ASTO
Tic-___-toe 3 letters TAC
Top-left key 3 letters ESC
On the ___ (swiping for matches) 4 letters APPS
Dance with triple steps 6 letters CHACHA
Numero ___ 3 letters UNO
Microbe 4 letters GERM
Boastful talk 6 letters HOTAIR
Turns to compost 4 letters ROTS
Detransition Baby protagonist 5 letters REESE
CPR performers 4 letters EMTS
Actress Jenna 6 letters ORTEGA
From scratch 4 letters ANEW
Rock genre 3 letters EMO
Airwave interference 6 letters STATIC
Flower protected by thorns 4 letters ROSE
Model Alexis 3 letters REN
Test for M.A. applicants 3 letters GRE
Waiting All Night singer Eyre 4 letters ELLA
Lifts weights 9 letters PUMPSIRON
Russia’s Summer Capital 5 letters SOCHI
Bills in tills 4 letters ONES
Resort condos often 10 letters TIMESHARES
Leaning Tower city 4 letters PISA
You can talk to me 5 letters ICARE
Spore-producing plant 4 letters FERN
Transit stats 4 letters ETAS
Campground vessel 5 letters CANOE
Swing at a mosquito 4 letters SWAT
Shiva is often pictured with four 4 letters ARMS
Vanilla ___ latte 4 letters CHAI
Planter material 10 letters TERRACOTTA
Makes full 5 letters SATES
Undergarment with hooks 3 letters BRA
Kinky Boots drag queen 4 letters LOLA
Tis a bummer 4 letters ALAS
Deserve to receive 5 letters MERIT
Pizza add-on 11 letters EXTRACHEESE
Relative of a gator 4 letters CROC
Midnight Breed author Adrian 4 letters LARA
Poker table shape 4 letters OVAL
Computer brand 4 letters DELL
Cat collar clip-on 5 letters IDTAG
___ in My Soul (Septima Poinsette Clark autobiography) 4 letters ECHO
Evaluator of arias 11 letters OPERACRITIC
Money in Malta and Monaco 5 letters EUROS
Sound of scorn 5 letters SNORT
___-med students 3 letters PRE
Streaky mark 5 letters SMEAR
Had some tteokbokki say 3 letters ATE
Filming team 10 letters CAMERACREW
Blackjack request 5 letters HITME
Crime involving fire 5 letters ARSON
Filming place 3 letters SET
Lead-in to Cat or Caps 3 letters SNO
Jobs for bands 4 letters GIGS
From Cardiff e.g. 5 letters WELSH
Buss It rapper Banks 5 letters ERICA
Goofs off 5 letters LOAFS
Rihanna dressed like one at the Catholicism-influenced 2018 Met Gala 4 letters POPE
Ampere or volt 4 letters UNIT
Arizona city named for a landform 4 letters MESA
Ads often focused on social issues 4 letters PSAS
Country headed by a sultan 4 letters OMAN
Great Fire of Rome emperor 4 letters NERO
Queen of Greek gods 4 letters HERA
This really ___ about you 4 letters ISNT
What did I tell you? 3 letters SEE

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