USA Today Crossword May 6 2021 Answers

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USA Today Crossword May 6 2021 Answers:

Boyish Girl Interrupted comedian Notaro 3 letters TIG
Tuscan ___ (dark leafy green) 4 letters KALE
Chef’s garment 5 letters APRON
Web addresses 4 letters URLS
Frozen drink brand 4 letters ICEE
Yearn for 5 letters CRAVE
Tankinis and trunks 9 letters BEACHWEAR
Reinforcing piece on a pair of jeans 5 letters RIVET
Ava in Ex Machina for example 7 letters ANDROID
Molecules that share a formula 7 letters ISOMERS
Escort to a higher floor 5 letters SEEUP
Slippery substance 4 letters LUBE
Place to get braids or extensions 12 letters BEAUTYPARLOR
___ Angeles Sparks 3 letters LOS
Rooftop satellite receiver 4 letters DISH
Sparkly crown 5 letters TIARA
Element in hemoglobin 4 letters IRON
Lawn equipment name 5 letters DEERE
Muffin type 4 letters BRAN
Podcasts etc. 5 letters MEDIA
Solemn vow 4 letters OATH
Diner sandwich 3 letters BLT
Soft seating option 12 letters BEANBAGCHAIR
Towering 4 letters TALL
Tower-toppling party game 5 letters JENGA
Cherry pepper 7 letters PIMENTO
More intoxicating 7 letters HEADIER
Change for the better 5 letters AMEND
A cappella percussionist 9 letters BEATBOXER
Total stranger 5 letters RANDO
Has some bibimbap say 4 letters EATS
Just kinda average 4 letters SOSO
Just as I Am memoirist Cicely 5 letters TYSON
Chop ___ 4 letters SUEY
___ moon (lunar phase) 3 letters NEW
Low-pitched instruments 5 letters TUBAS
Bedard who voiced Pocahontas 5 letters IRENE
Forest clearing 5 letters GLADE
Actinidia deliciosa fruit 4 letters KIWI
Got a 100 on 4 letters ACED
Comedian DeLaria 3 letters LEA
___ similar 6 letters EERILY
Trapeze artist for example 7 letters ACROBAT
Expensive beef cut 8 letters PRIMERIB
Partner of 31-Down 4 letters RAVE
All done 4 letters OVER
Volleyball court dividers 4 letters NETS
Exfoliating product 5 letters SCRUB
Aspired 5 letters HOPED
How’s it goin’? 3 letters SUP
Hearing ___ 3 letters AID
Exert 3 letters USE
TV show named for a county 5 letters THEOC
Lao meat salad 4 letters LARB
Like some histories 4 letters ORAL
Go on and on 4 letters RANT
Large tree branch 4 letters LIMB
Hockey Hall of Famer Willie 4 letters OREE
Root beer for example 4 letters SODA
Wii maker 8 letters NINTENDO
Cheer syllable 3 letters RAH
Delivery approximation 3 letters ETA
Ditch 7 letters ABANDON
Headcover for Ibtihaj Muhammad 5 letters HIJAB
Key near the spacebar 3 letters ALT
Earth models 6 letters GLOBES
Second chances 5 letters REDOS
Sex and the City star Cynthia 5 letters NIXON
V-formation fliers 5 letters GEESE
Bow and ___ 5 letters ARROW
Word after side or spare 4 letters PART
If ___ say so . . . 4 letters IMAY
Store section with bow ties 4 letters MENS
Feeling cats have toward citrus 4 letters HATE
Site with custom prints 4 letters ETSY
Content of l’ocean 3 letters EAU

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